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Thanks to years of historic moments, shady politicians and heated disputes, our area is a haven for ghosts lurking about. If you're ready to be scared silly this season, here are 11 spine-tingling ghost tours around the DMV. (Image: Courtesy Library of Congress)

11 ghost tours in the DMV to scare you silly

When October rolls around, I can’t help but think of the changing leaves, crisp apples and ghosts. And I’m not talking about Casper, or kids in white sheets on Halloween night. I mean the real ones, the paranormal ones.

Thanks to years of historic moments, shady politicians and heated disputes, our area is a haven for ghosts lurking about.

If you're ready to be scared silly this season, here are 11 spine-tingling ghost tours around the DMV.


Scary DC “Horror on the Hill”

This 90-minute historical and spooky tour will have you meet John Quincy Adams, James Madison and more. My tour was led by none other than “Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Chase" (1741-1811) , who was decked out in period attire and had a perfect dialect. My favorite story from the tour: William Taulbee was a married Congressman who had an affair and was brought down by reporter Charles Kincaid. Opting not to run again, Taulbee returned as a lobbyist and continued his long feud with Kincaid, who later shot him on the east marble staircase of House Wing of the Capitol. Not only are the blood stains from Taulbee’s wounds still visible on the staircase, but it is said that his ghost returns and attacks reporters.

Tickets: $15 for kids, $25 for adults

Washington DC Ghost Tours

"Capitol Hill Haunts" will give you a look into the feuding ghosts of past lawmakers in the House, tell tales of the famous statues that dance at night, the demon cat, the haunted history of the Supreme Court and more. "Ghosts of Lafayette Park" tells the stories of conspiracies, crimes of passion and duels. You’ll quickly see why Lafayette Park is known as “Tragedy Square.” Both tours are 90 minutes.

Tickets: $10 for kids, $17 for adults

Washington DC Haunted Houses Walking Tour

This two-hour tour will make you privy to the capital’s chaotic past with violent quarrels, vicious attacks, murder and more. You’ll walk by The Octagon, considered one of the most haunted homes in D.C., hear about Henry Adams and his troubled wife, Clover, and about the night of April 14, 1865 when the grim reaper stalked more than Abraham Lincoln.

Tickets: $20

Ghost Story Tour of Washington

Who needs Halloween movies when you can actually do the real thing? This tour leads you through one of Washington’s most haunted locales, Lafayette Square Park. Look for your costumed guide outside of St. John's Church, and be prepared for the chilling encounters Washingtonians have been experiencing in their historic homes for decades.

Tickets: $10 for kids, $20 for adults

National Nightmares

This 90-minute tour covers the three Ts: treason, treachery and tragedy. You’ll be regaled with the legendary hauntings of John Quincy Adams, Henry Wilson, DC the black cat, the Phantom Cyclist and more. They also offer private tours.

Tickets: $15

Fiat Luxe Tours

"Haunted and Historic Georgetown" shows you the seedy underbelly of the neighborhood most often known for its upscale shopping. Be prepared for sordid tales such as the mysterious murder of Viola Drath, and a visit to one of the neighborhood's oldest cemeteries, Oak Hill Cemetery.

Tickets: Must send an email inquiry

Soul Strolls

Take a twilight tour of Congressional Cemetery to learn more about the souls of the 65,000 individuals from Congressman to bootleggers laid to rest at Congressional Cemetery. Soul Strolls takes place at twilight on four nights: October 16 ,17, 23 and 24.

Tickets: $10 for kids, $20 for adults

Free Tours by Foot

Take a journey through D.C.'s dark side with one of six ghost tours, including three adult-only options. Whether you want family-friendly eerie coincidences (Ghosts of Georgetown Walking Tour) or you want something steamier (White House at Night: Secrets & Scandals), this company has something for every spook seeker.

Tickets: Most are $20, but some are "name your price" tours.


Alexandria’s Footsteps to the Past Ghost Tours

Alexandria has its own bevy of ghoulish tales to share, so join these lantern-guided, 90-minute tours for tales of war, intrigue, betrayal, ghosts and graves.

Tickets: $5 for kids, $10 for adults


Ghost Tours of Historic Frederick

Maryland’s oldest operating ghost tour tells about the gruesome acts of revenge, horrific deeds and blood-thirsty mobs. Learn why Barbara Fritchie continues to guard her home from invading Confederate soldiers 155 years after she died, visit a Civil War-era embalming site (now home to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine) and hear of the curse that continues to plague Court House Square.

Tickets: $6 for kids, $11 for adults

Annapolis Ghost Tours by Watermark

Don’t be surprised if you hear unexplained footsteps as you walk in downtown Annapolis. This candlelight tour tells stories--all based on facts--of the spirits who dwell in the town’s 18th century buildings. There are the ghosts of the William Paca House and tales of suicides, headless apparitions and night wanderings.

Tickets: $10 for kids, $20 for adults