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4 Classic 'Mom' Movies to Watch This Weekend

Laurie Metcalf delivers an Oscar-nominated performance as an overbearing Mom trying to maintain a relationship with her angsty teen daughter in "Ladybird".

Then there's the 1996 comedy "Mother", staring Albert Brooks and the late great Debbie Reynolds about a neurotic middle-aged writer who moves back in with his mother while he tries to get his life back together. Reynolds received a Golden Globe nomination for her touching performance.

Shirley Maclaine won then Oscar for her portrayal of Aurora Greenway, the prickly, narcissistic, but ultimately loyal mom from the 1983 tearjerker "Terms of Endearment". And boy does she ever chew the scenery.

Cher gives one of my favorite performances of all time as the tough-as-bails biker chick raising a son with a severe facial deformity in 1985's "Mask". In this scene she eviscerates a doctor who delivers a grim prognosis.

Note: Scene contains explicit language.

Now that's a hard act to follow, but our final Mom might be the mother of all moms: Joan Crawford in "Mildred Pierce". Crawford won the Oscar for her performance as the long-suffering mother of a selfish daughter from hell. Here, Mildred finally dishes out some tough love.

And on that cheery note, have a great day with Mom!