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4 Crazy Cool Tech Events You Might Have Missed During Techweek D.C.

The unprecedented rate of technological innovation that defines contemporary times makes it challenging to keep up with the latest inventions and developments. If you couldn’t make it to Techweek D.C. last week, don’t worry – we’ve rounded up a few highlights to keep you well-informed.

Techweek brings together tech leaders, local tech entrepreneurs and others who believe that tech entrepreneurship can stimulate economic action and help societies thrive. Here’s what these visionaries did in D.C. last week.

The Brain Health Challenge (Presented by AARP and Booz Allen Hamilton)

Based on research from the Global Council on Brain Health, the Brain Health Challenge gave participants an opportunity to stimulate their brains. An immersive BetaBox experience allowed passersby to explore various aspects of a human brain in 3D via a HoloLens.

Participants could identify zones in the brain responsible for attention, processing speed, executive function, and memory; or enjoy a 2-minute “seated” canoe virtual reality experience to engage their cognitive functions.

Disrupt D.C. Presented by the Hatchery at AARP

During the second day of Techweek D.C., The Hatchery, AARP’s startup incubator, hosted an off-the-record conversation with entrepreneur and local success story Paul Palmieri, co-founder and former CEO of Millennial Media.

The Hatchery exists to help develop technology products that address areas of health, wealth and self. After the discussion, attendees were invited to demo products from The Hatchery and other startups including:

  • SingFit - Mobile tech that digitizes the evidence-based music therapy, making it simple for people with dementia, autism and traumatic brain injuries, to sing and record their favorite songs.
  • Rendever –MIT startup that offers a VR platform to improve the aging process by providing stimulation that allows older adults to travel, explore the world, connect with family and engage with therapy.
  • VR Health – VR-based physical therapy offers patients the continuity of care they need to stay on the path to recovery by using VR devices with weights and biofeedback sensors.

Launch Startup Showcase Presented by Techweek

This showcase featured several hot tech startups in the DC area working in different verticals, including:

  • Arcadia Power, the nationwide renewable energy company
  • Crowdskout, the data management and marketing platform
  • Babyscripts, the company that uses tech to improve prenatal care
  • Hatch, the app-building platform
  • HUNGRY, the company that delivers chef-prepared office catering

The Safety and Sanity of Machine Intelligence (Presented by Booz Allen Hamilton)

Techweek attendees were invited to join local tech leaders at Booz Allen's D.C. Innovation Center for an interactive discussion and reception around technologies that will change the way the world works and will change the way we view cyber security.

Among the speakers were Kirk Borne, Booz Allen Hamilton’s Principal Data Scientist and professor of astrophysics and computational science at George Mason University and Dr. Amitai Etzioni, Director of the Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies at the GWU Elliott School of International Affairs and, according to an analysis of academic citations, one of the top 100 American intellectuals.

After the talk, attendees had a chance to explore the interactive machine intelligence and virtual and augmented reality demos in the Booz Allen Innovation Center.

Instead of lamenting the fact that you missed out on all the fun, why not head to and see if there’s another event coming up that you can attend? Whether you’re involved in tech entrepreneurship directly or just fascinated by the latest innovations, you’ll find a brilliant cohort of likeminded people ready for networking, conversation, mutual learning and some super high-tech fun!