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People with RSF are often misunderstood. <p></p>

Are you suffering from Resting Squint Face? The eye-opening facts about this &lsquo;condition.&rsquo;

You strain to read the dinner menu at every restaurant. The ingredients on the soup can are dang-near impossible to decipher. And you’d bet your life that the font on street signs get smaller with every block. Scrunching your face and squinting your eyes seems to help, at least a little bit.

Like those who suffer from a similar condition, people stuck with Resting Squint Face, or RSF, are misunderstood. People may see you as annoyed, uptight, or unfriendly. What they don’t know is that, well, you just can’t see.

Fortunately, MyEyeDr. has the cure. To learn more, follow MyEyeDr. on social media and check out the video below.

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