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Bachelor in Paradise: Scallop fingers joins the paradise party

It's week 3 of Bachelor in Paradise: Season 4 and as I sat through not only two, but four hours of the show this week, I came to the conclusion that this has to be one of the worst shows on tv right now. But I continue to watch...WHY? I do not know.

Here is a little recap of what happened this week: Christen entered the show and pissed off a lot of people. She asked Matt on a date (who was dating Jasmine) and Jasmine basically spent the entire episode talking about how she doesn't see Christen as a threat, but for some reason she just won't stop talking about it! Matt leaves, leaving Jasmine and Christen scrambling to find a rose. Dean is an a**hole and gives his rose to Kristina, but then kisses D.Lo. Jonathan, the tickle monster is brought on the show and takes Christen on a date. Daniel the canadian bacon joins the crew and couples up with Lacey. Robby is still trying to win Amanda over. And Corrine sat down with Chris Harrison to talk about the scandal that shut BIP down. Ya still following? We know it's a lot.

Here are the best and worst moments from this week's episodes:

The Absolute Best Moments of This Week's Shows

  1. "It smells like crab or fish or smells like the hot tub." Jack Stone talking about a dead crab Alexis tried to put in his mouth.
  2. "You don't know if she's going to give you a present or murder you." Wells talking about Jasmine who is probably for real crazy! I would not want to piss that girl off.
  3. Wells making fun of Alexis telling the scallop finger story -- apparently Christen took scallops togo and ate them in a hot car with her fingers. Now it is all anyone can talk about.
  4. "In terms of Jasmine, I wouldn't piss her off. Christen, you f*ck*d with the wrong b*tch." Dean talking about Kristen taking Matt on a date. (I think everyone at home can agree with Dean)
  5. Robby trying to win over Amanda... What is there not to like?? It is just fricken adorable!
  6. Matt decides to go home, leaving Jasmine and Christen scrambling to get a guy to give them a rose.
  7. "I'm the result of a mexican wrestler having intercourse with a Telly Tubby." Daniel talking about the outfit he has to wear on his date with Lacey at the wrestling ring.
  8. The little hands that Christen and Jonathan wear on their fingers while eating scallops (currently LOLing)
  9. "When you make it out of the craziness, don't drive back in." Chris Harrison talking about Matt leaving and then coming back to give out his rose.

The Most Cringe-Worthy Moments of This Week's Shows

  1. "You want good TV ABC, I'll give you good TV." Jasmine about to confront Christen for asking Matt on a date.
  2. Jasmine talking about how she's not worried about Christen and Matt on their date...but it's ALL she can talk about...Girl you obviously worried!
  3. Basically every time Jasmine talked during both episodes.
  4. The whole Lacey, Dominique and Diggy situation... AWKKWARDD.
  5. Lacey jumping on Daniel when he arrives in paradise... Desperate! PS. Daniel, the only reason she is interested is because she doesn't have anyone to give her a rose.
  6. The conversation Lacey and Daniel have after he arrives...He's just not that into you. Oh, but wait..he gave her his rose. Hmmm.
  7. "Hopefully I can meet someone who enjoys being tickled." Jonathan talking about finding the right girl in paradise. Welcome to paradise, tickle monster.
  8. Dean swimming in the pool and kissing D.Lo the night after giving Kristina his rose.

Currently Canoodling

  • Derek and Taylor
  • Robby and Amanda
  • Daniel and Lacey
  • Adam and Raven
  • Diggy and Dominique


  • Dean/Kristina/D.Lo
  • Jonathan/Christen/Jack Stone

Single and Ready to Mingle

  • Jasmine
  • Ben Z.
  • Jack Stone

Sent Themselves Home

  • Matt -- But he comes back to give his rose to Jasmine and then leaves again. Bye bye, Matt.

Coming up Next Week on BIP

  • Kristina and Raven start fighting...I wonder why??
  • Tears are shed. Not only from the ladies, but Dean too.
  • Christen learns that people are calling her scallop fingers.
  • New girls are introduced.