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Bachelor Recap: 17 girls, one pool party, one Nick

It's episode three of season 21 of The Bachelor and if you are still following along, you are most likely hooked like the rest of us or the fact that this is Nick's third time on a Bachelor franchise has you wondering "will he really find love?" We don't know the answer to that question, but we will be watching with you to find out.

If you don't remember how episode two ended, here is a recap -- Corinne used her sexuality to win over Nick and received the group date rose, Danielle the neonatal nurse got the first one-on-one date of the season and received a rose, Liz couldn't stop talking about how she hooked up with Nick nine months ago and Nick sent her home, and Nick told the women on the group date the real reason he sent Liz home.

Episode three opens up with Nick telling the rest of the women who were not on the group date the reason he sent home Liz. And let's talk about how awkward and unapologetic he seemed -- Nick if you want the ladies to believe you are truly sorry, wipe the childish smirk off your face because it ain't workin' for ya!

And then we move from one awkward moment to the next -- Corinne throws on a trench coat, grabs a bottle of Reddi Wip (I wonder if she knows there is a whip cream shortage and she should not be wasting it) and tries to seduce Nick for the millionth time, but this time he shuts her down. Sorry girl, but maybe he is looking for a girl with a brain, probably not, but maybe! Corinne then after a whole lot of crying, decides it's time for bed and skips out on the rose ceremony.

Now it's time for a group date -- cue the 90's music and enter the Backstreet Boys into the mix! The women joined the Backstreet Boys for a day of learning a choreographed dance or as some like to call it a "planned dance." The women then performed for a small crowd and I couldn't stop staring at Corinne trying to dance (insert laughing emoji). Dancing had Corinne shakin' in her boots and she made sure to cry about it in the bathroom. Danielle L. was chosen to be serenaded by the Backstreet Boys as she slow danced with Nick in front of all the other glaring ladies. And of course, Danielle L. got the group date rose. (PS. isn't Nick a little old for the Backstreet Boys?)

Fast forward to the one-on-one date -- Vanessa went on the one-on-one date and this is the moment I realized Vanessa is way too good for Nick. I want to start a campaign for Vanessa not to win, but to become the next Bachelorette. Who's with me?! I mean, she puked her brains out on a date and handled it like a champ! Also, she is drop dead gorgeous! C'mon girl, you can do better than him, even though he did stick by your side as you threw up. I guess you could say I'm not the biggest Nick fan.

I feel bad for the girls who went on the second group date. We went from Backstreet Boys to a track and field day. Astrid won the 100-meter dash and enjoyed some time in the hot tub with Nick.

As the sun set and the moon rose on the bachelor mansion, Dominique told Nick how she was feeling and was sent home. Nick's reason for sending Dominique home was he "ultimately could not see an engagement with her." (Can you see an engagement with any of these ladies yet? You probably have spent a total of five minutes with half of them). Rachel, who received the first impression rose, got the group date rose.

During the rose ceremony turned pool party, the ladies start to question Nick's intentions because of his actions with Corinne. But honestly, why were you jumping in a bounce house with her half naked! And in the last scene of this episode Vanessa says to Nick, "are you looking for a wife or are you looking for someone to f*ck around with." Drop the mic!

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