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Bachelor Week 6 Recap: Can I Walk You Out?

There was a lot going on in Episode 6. Many girls went home and many more tears were shed. Let’s jump right in.

We have been anxiously waiting seven days for the final showdown between Corinne and Seattle’s own, Taylor. Based off of the promos, we were expecting some great climactic moment between Taylor and Corinne. Well, Tornado Taylor landed – and I have to be honest, the aftermath was so dreadfully uneventful. Boo. I was expecting some sort of twist where maybe Nick would let them both go. But, Nick is unquestionably sucked in to Corinne's sultry drunken antics. Alas, Corinne survives another week and my dad summed it up perfectly by exclaiming, “Is that blonde b**** still on?!” Yes Dad, we are all with you.

After Taylor’s departure and her last attempt at self-redemption, the Rose Ceremony commences. Nothing too noteworthy happens. Oh, except, you guessed it - feelings are getting deep and ladies are falling in love! Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before. The girls who left at the Rose Ceremony were Jaimi (who looked so gorg), Josephine (the one whose slap was heard around the world), and Dolphin Girl. I literally yelled “NOOOOO!” when I saw Dolphin Girl didn’t get a rose. I loved her! Poor Dolphin Girl. There are plenty of fish (or dolphins) in the sea.

The singles then head to St. Thomas for another week of looooove and dates.

One on One. Nick invites Kristina, the 24-year-old Dental Hygienist on the first one-on-one of the week. The couple takes a sea plane to a little beach where they first start their afternoon sipping beers on a cliff. Nick prods into her past only to find out a bit of information. Don’t worry, Nick – you’ll get the scoop later. Meanwhile, back down on land, Jasmine, the 29-year-old Pro Basketball Dancer, is visibly upset and is a viable source of drama as she says, “You don’t want to see the person you want to be with go off with someone else.” GEEZ, JASMIN! Do you know what show you signed up for?!

Back to the date: the couple put down their beers to take a dip in the crystal clear water. I find that this is the appropriate time to talk about the moment when Nick takes off his shirt. My mouth goes dry. Suddenly I experience shortness of breath and loss of feeling in my legs. He is perfect. So dreamy… Gorgeous, really. Okay now back to the date.

Kristina dives deeper into her past in Russia; speaking on her troublesome relationship with her mother, how there was rarely food on the table, and her experiences of living in an orphanage and ultimately moving to the states. Kristina cries, Nick cries, I cry. She steals the rose – and Nick’s heart! To be honest with you, she is a doll.

Group Date. I think those voodoo women from the last episode may or may not have cast a spell on today’s group date. Oh boy, where to start with this one. If I had a dime for the amount of tears shed on this date, I would be R I C H.

The group date begins with the ladies and Nick getting on a catamaran to sail through the beautiful waters of St. Thomas. Everything is going swimmingly! Or is it…? The crew gets a game of corn hole going, they’re getting their flirt on – and BOOM! Someone brings out tequila shots. Now we know it’s about to get gooooood. A few shots of tequila later and the gals start volleying for Viall. It seems like a friendly game of volleyball until the competition reaches new heights of hysteria.

The music is turning, the tides are whirling, even the winds are signaling for some cosmic storm – and BANG! They start dropping like flies. LITERALLY EVERYONE IS MELTING DOWN. One after the other, like a bad game of dominos. Heck, even I start melting down after this one. First it’s Jasmine. Then, it’s Rachel - then Vanessa. Honestly, I have reason to believe the meltdown was tequila induced. We’ve all been torqued on tequila – tears are a commonplace. This scene ended and I was left feeling exhausted and like I had succumbed to a second-hand hangover. What just happened?!

After the day is over, the group heads to the hotel for the after group date night cap. It’s the Jasmin show again. Did I miss the memo where Corinne passed the self-involved torch to Jasmine? Jasmine rallies off about how she is a great catch and she is going to tell Nick to open his eyes to see it! Finally – the confrontation. I have never watched anything more cringeworthy in my entire life. First she cries, then says she has developed deep feelings and then… tries to choke him?! I need a road map to understand all this Jasmine logic. Nick is NOT okay with the choking remarks and deliberate grabs at his jugular. His face screams discomfort. Can ya catch a drift, Jasmine?! Nick sends her home, rightfully so.

Two on One. Snoooooze. This date feels kinda boring. Daniella L.,Whitney, and lover boy get on a helicopter and sit on a cabana. Is it just me or is the cabana on a group date a foreshadow to, “yeah you bet both of these girls are going home today.” Danielle is confused because she thinks she and Nick created a romantic connection in their previous one-on-one. Danielle says she wants Nick to meet her parents – so Nick dumps Whitney. Bye Whitney! To be honest I didn’t know she was on the show.

Later in the evening, Nick finishes the day with a one on one with Danielle – I’m sorry but she’s so awkward. Danielle talks about how she is falling in love and it’s their second date. Do you even know his middle name? Damn, Danielle. Danielle digs deeper, and Nick is not into it. He dumps Danielle on the spot.

CUE THE WATERWORKS – this time it’s Nick… His change in feelings for Danielle alarms him. Poor thing. Nicky is in it for the real thang! Does anyone else think Nick is getting really good at saying “Can I walk you out?” Moving on.

After saying goodbye to Danielle, Nick pays a visit to the girls and is absolutely weeping. (HOT HOT HOT). He’s so sweet and such a softy and I love him. He is worried and is genuinely concerned about his other relationships falling flat and wants his fourth time to truly be the charm. We are with you buddy, and we are rooting for you.

Close out episode six. We are all wondering if this crazy process that is The Bachelor will work for ole’ Nicky boy. Stay tuned for next week – who knows what is gonna go down.

This Week's Awards

  • Hot Mess of the Week: Jasmine. Holy doctor, I think we just got a glimpse into her Fifty Shades antics!
  • Our Favorite Human of the Week: Nick. He’s so gorgeous and is taking this process very seriously, and we commend him for that!
  • Who We Think Will Win: Rachel, the 31-year-old Attorney from Dallas. She's got beauty, brains, and charisma!
  • Women to Go: 6