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Bachelor Recap: Corinne survives another week and everyone is using the L word

Last week on the bachelor... a lot of girls went home, Nick didn't know if the process was going to work (I could've told you that like three seasons ago), Nick burst into the girls hotel room and cried, and now six women are left.

Now onto last night's episode, which opened with the remaining six women wondering what is going to happen and Nick having a heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison about not finding love at the end of this journey. And then, once again Nick barges into the girls hotel room (doesn't this guy knock?!) but this time Nick is there to explain himself and to explain to the women that he is there to find his wife -- honestly, my cat rolled over on my remote and turned off the TV right in the middle of his talk with the ladies, but I'm pretty sure I summed it up well.

Now it's off to the beautiful island of Bimini!

Vanessa receives the first one-on-one in Bimini and obviously the other girls are super jealous. This just gets more awkward as the weeks go on. Vanessa and Nick go out on a yacht to go snorkeling and as the two make out in the water, Vanessa says to the camera she is falling in love with Nick, but she hasn't told Nick yet.

At dinner Vanessa fights back tears while admitting to Nick that she is falling in love with him. As much as I dislike Nick, I still awwwwed at this moment. Then Nick did not express the same feelings back to Vanessa and my dislike for him went right back to where it was.

Also, can we just take a minute to admire Vanessa's body! Like dayuuummm girl! If Nick doesn't choose you, we are sure you won't have a problem finding a man.

Now, onto the group date with Raven, Kristina, and Corinne.

The ladies and Nick take a yacht to go swim with sharks, but when Kristina panics and gets all of Nick's attention, Corinne gets jealous. Sorry Corinne, the attention can't always be on you! Raven surprises us all and snags the group date rose.

Okay, time for another one-on-one with Danielle M. Does anyone else agree that Danielle is just a calm and wonderful person? She seems so zen at all times!

Danielle seems to be having the time of her life at the beginning of the date and then things get a bit awkward. Nick says he feels like they aren't having naturally flowing conversations and I can feel the awkwardness from D.C.

Danielle spills her heart out at dinner and then it happens...Nick sends her home. My heart breaks for Danielle (insert crying emoji).

Right after Danielle is sent home, Corinne sneaks over to Nick's room to in her words "turn on the sex charm." And for the best quote of the night, Corinne says "my heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum." Ummm excuse me! Aren't your parents at home watching this?! Anyway, back to the point, the two go into Nick's bedroom and shut the door and you can hear Nick telling Corinne to slow down and whatever was happening was not a good idea. Looks like your plan backfired!

Fast forward to the last one-on-one of the episode. Rachel gets the one-on-one and the two head out to explore the island. Out of all the girls left, I think Rachel has the most genuine connection with Nick. The date goes wonderful and all is well in the Rachel and Nick universe.

After Nick's date with Rachel, Nick tells Chris Harrison he knows who he needs to send home. He says he wants to do it in a private setting and not at the ceremony... So Nick heads over to the house, asks everyone where Kristina is and in front of the cameras sends her home because he has a stronger connection with the other women in the house. I don't know what you think, but wouldn't it have been the same to send her home at the rose ceremony??

Next week on the Bachelor... it is time for hometown dates, someone returns to confront Nick, and Nick continues to doubt the process.

Spoiler alert! We know Rachel doesn't win because she was announced as the next Bachelorette on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Rachel will be the first black lead in the 33 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. This is the first time the Bachelor or Bachelorette of the next season has been announced while the current season is still airing. So what do you think? Did they announce too soon?