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The contentious cocktail party continues, as a frustrated Eric implores the rest of bachelors to stop talking about him to Rachel. While most of the men are perfectly content to skip the drama, one calculating guy, Lee, deceptively steals Rachel away from Kenny for a second conversation. The two bachelors' confrontation sets off a heated argument, totally distracting Rachel as she attempts to better acquaint herself with the other men. So she makes a decision that surprises all of the bachelors. After the rose ceremony, the remaining men leave the mansion to travel to beautiful, peaceful Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where Rachel hopes to get a fresh start, on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JUNE 19 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Bob Leverone)

Bachelorette Week 4: Is it corky or quirky?

It feels like we had to wait forever (two weeks) to see our girl Rachel back on the big screen in search of love.. Who needs NBA finals when there is the Bachelorette... I mean really people, the Bachelorette is obviously better. Okay, anyway, back to the point!

Previously on the Bachelorette:

Eric got a group date rose, the men got catty, Rachel considered taking Eric's rose away, Erik yelled at everyone... Get the full recap here.

This week on the Bachelorette:

Okay, I don't know about you guys, but this episode was two hours of a snoozefest! There wasn't a lot of action, but a whole lot of men acting like little girls.

The episode started off with a fight continuing between Lee and Kenny because Lee stole some time with Rachel from Kenny. Alright boys, move on. Isn't stealing time what this whole thing is about? But I do get it, Lee is starting to act a little cray-cray.

Rachel was disappointed in the way the men were acting and decided to end the cocktail party and move straight into the rose ceremony. Diggy and Bryce go home. So sad.

TRAVEL TIME! The men and Rachel head to Hilton Head, South Carolina to get the finding a husband partaayy started! (PS. Does it annoy anyone else when all the contestants gather on a hotel balcony and yell the name of the bachelorette/bachelor?)

The one-on-one is given to (drum roll please!) DEAN! The adorable couple starts the date off with a picnic (with Barefoot champagne. HA!) And then Rachel reveals to Dean, who has a fear of heights, that they will be going on a blimp ride.

Can we just take a moment to talk about how cute Dean is?? #Obsessed. Dean, if you don't win, there will be plenty of ladies out there for you. Just please don't do Bachelor in Paradise.

After the blimp ride, the couple heads into a beautiful enchanted forest for dinner. At this point you can tell Rachel is really feeling Dean, although she has her concerns about his young age (25). During dinner, Dean opens up about his family and they have an emotional conversation about Dean's mom, who died of breast cancer.

DEAN GETS THE ROSE :) And then the two dance the night away at a Russell Dickerson concert.

Meanwhile, back at the Bachelor mansion....

A date card arrives for a group date saying "I want to see who's ready for commitment."

The group date starts with a yacht party, awkward dancing, and Peter freestyling (wait..what?!).

Then it's onto a Bachelor Nation Spelling Bee.

I think the above tweet explains enough about how the spelling bee went. Dear lord.

Josiah wins the spelling bee by spelling polyamorous... at least someone knows how to spell. But did he have to win? He is so annoying!


Iggy starts to gossip. Iggy, stop wasting your time with Rachel to talk about the other men! And Lee throws Kenny under the bus...Uh oh. Seriously, these guys need to act like men!

The episode ended with Kenny asking Lee to talk and left us with a "TO BE CONTINUED"


Fighting, crying, and blood...oh my!