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Bei Bei celebrated the first fall-like day in the District with a little pumpkin spice, so we are celebrating Bei Bei! Here are just a few of our fav pics of the (not so little anymore) munchkin! (Image: Skip Brown/Smithsonian's National Zoo)

One very famous D.C. resident enjoys pumpkin spice on first fall-like day

Today was the first day that (finally!) felt like fall in D.C. and I would venture to guess several of you celebrated with a little PSL action. Come on, admit it -- you woke up to 60-degree weather, ran straight for the 'bux and walked into work feeling fine with that Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand.

If you did, don't shame yourself by posting any #BASIC captions to the gram, because you are in great company today! Our favorite three-year-old panda, Bei Bei, experienced pumpkin spice for the first time today and had quite the visceral reaction.

If you need to get your #BeiBei fix, click through our gallery for a few of our favorite panda pics, and enjoy a few more Bei Bei videos from the zoo below!