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Warning: Scrolling through these Instagram accounts may give you a contact high. (Image: Via IG user @potpixies)

9 buzzy D.C. cannabis connoisseurs on Insta

Warning: Scrolling through these Instagram accounts may give you a contact high. From smokers and vape fiends to growers and ganjapreneurs, these dope ‘grammers show off the sexy side of the D.C. cannabis scene.


The D.C. cannabis cultivation center posts rivetingly beautiful pictures of their plants. Mixed in are shots of their impressive growing operation and the finished products, including innovative joints.


This not-always-suitable-for-work account features its self-described namesake toking up a storm. And vaping everywhere. And doing a couple of bong rips for good measure.


Here they concentrate on concentrates. Dabbers will fall hard for the close up shots of the amber-like wax packed with THC.


These cultivators grow in Maryland, as well as Nevada and Ohio. Their well-curated feed showcases everything from growing cannabis and crafting edibles to their stylish packaging and happy customers.


Sleek and slick, this Maryland grower-processor-dispenser’s Instagram is so on point. Pro-grade pics highlight every step of the operation and head-spinningly gorgeous finished products.


These D.C.-based cannabis cultivators and edible makers show off nice close ups of their beautiful buds, like Sunset Sherbet, Gorilla Glue and Hash Bar OG.


This guy's gig is to write thoughtful reviews of D.C. cannabis products, complementing them with catalog-worthy photos.


From D.C., almost live, it’s the Bong Show! The seriously svelte smoke shop sells beautiful bongs – including those in the shape of a dragon and a lightsaber – and intricately wrought glass bowls.


The AdMo smoke shop has every accessory a cannabis connoisseur could want – from papers and pipes to rolling trays and the Nuggy (otherwise known as the Swiss Army Knife of potheads). If you’re too lazy to get off the couch, don’t worry, they ship.