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D.C. police officers found a 4-foot alligator while on patrol on July 25, 2018.

D.C. police officers find alligator while on patrol

District of Columbia police officers found a 4-foot alligator while on patrol Wednesday in the 3500 block of Brothers Place, SE., authorities said.

Don't worry joggers and kayakers. The animal was found in a home that officers were executing a search warrant on.

According to a police report, the residents were on the front porch when Sgt. Joseph Haggerty and other responding officers arrived. They explained that they had a warrant to search the home. While inside they found the alligator, estimated to be 4 or 5 years old, in the basement.

D.C. animal control will be helping to relocate the alligator to a safe habitat.

The animal found can be seen in the photo on the right in the tweet below; the photo on the left was meant as a model to show the size of the actual alligator found.

For more information on animal laws in D.C., visit this website.