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Living in D.C. as a millennial? We have good news! (Image: Courtesy Getty Images)

D.C. is the second best 'state' for millennials

Ah, millennials -- the generation that is so easy to hate! It seems like every day a new study is released analyzing the behavior patterns of this mysterious sector of society. One day they are narcissistic, lazy and entitled; the next they are poised to become America's largest living generation responsible for 21 percent of all consumer discretionary spending in the U.S.

According to a study by Wallethub, some states are better at helping millennials figure everything out. In 2017, D.C. was ranked fifth on that list, but two years later, we have soared to second, behind Massachusetts. For comparison, Virgina was ranked 17th and Maryland landed at 35th.

In order to figure out which state was best for millennials, analytic experts decided they needed to take a look at a few things. Factors included number of millennials living with their parents, the actual number of millennials in each place, average monthly earnings for millennials, unemployment rate, voter-turnout rate and the number of insured millennials.

Here's how millennials living and working in D.C. stacked up (1=Best; 25=Average; 51 = Worst).

  • 1st – % of Millennials
  • 1st – Average Monthly Earnings for Millennials
  • 2nd – % of Millennials Living with Parents
  • 2nd – % of Insured Millennials
  • 2nd – % of Millennial Smokers
  • 3rd – % of Millennials with Depression
  • 23rd – Millennial Unemployment Rate
  • 51st – Millennial Home Ownership Rate
  • 51st – Average Starbucks Latte Price

Overall, D.C. ranked high in quality of life (first) and education/health (second), above average in economic health (11th) and civic engagement (18th), but low in affordability (30th).

Top 10 States for Millennials

  1. Massachusetts
  2. District of Columbia
  3. Washington
  4. Minnesota
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Colorado
  7. Iowa
  8. Utah
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. California

For more information check out the full study online.