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You’ll get a report card at the end of each day, so you'll know if they were well-behaved! (Image: Courtesy City Dogs)

10 doggie daycares in the DMV your furry friend will love

If you’re a pet owner, you know that horrible feeling of having to leave your dog home alone. Whether it’s because you’re off to work or running errands, those sad puppy dog eyes are a killer! Plus, leaving your pooch home alone can result in bathroom accidents or your favorite shoes being chewed up -- been there, suffered through that.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution to both your dog's loneliness and your anxiety about leaving them home -- doggie daycare. There are a number of high quality daycares for your dog in the D.C. area. And they sound so fun, you'll wish you could trade places with your four-legged counterpart!

The Board Hound

Location: 3520 S Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington, VA

The Board Hound has indoor play areas as well as an outdoor roof play area. Dogs are separated into play groups so that they are hanging out with other dogs that match their energy level and play styles. There is one staff member per 10 dogs. Half and full-day daycare options are available, as well as early drop-off and late pick-up. You can also schedule baths and nail trimmings while your dog is at daycare.

District Dogs

Locations: 3210 Georgia Ave NW & 1221 Van Street SE #110 (opening soon)

At District Dogs, you can drop your pup off for a full day or a half day. While there, they will hang out in a playroom appropriate for their size and energy level. There are toys, beds and blankets for your dog to enjoy. You can watch them having fun on a webcam and you’ll also get a report card about their day when you pick them up. You can also schedule a bath or a walk around the neighborhood.

Patrick’s Pet Care

Location: 3303 11th Street NW

This is a daycare for small dogs only. If your dog or puppy is under 35 pounds, this is the perfect daycare option. You can watch your furry friend having a blast on the livestream and will receive a daily report card with pictures. There are beds and couches for your pup to curl up for a nap on after playing with their new daycare friends. The day is pretty scheduled, with time allotted for play, bathroom breaks outside, naps and meals. You can add on a longer walk or a grooming appointment for your pup. Patrick’s Pet Care also offers pick-up and drop-off services.

City Dogs

Locations: 1832 18th Street NW & 301 H Street NE

Your dog will be sorted into a play group based on their size and energy level. While in their groups, the dogs are able to play with their new friends or snuggle up for a nap. You can schedule a walk if you think your pup might need more exercise (otherwise there's a turf patio for bathroom breaks), or a grooming appointment if you want them fresh and clean. You’ll get a report card at the end of each day, so you'll know if they were well-behaved!

Bark + Boarding

Location: 5818-C Seminary Rd, Baileys Crossroads, VA

Drop your pup off for a full day or a half day at Bark + Boarding. While your furry friend is at Bark + Boarding, they’ll be able to play with other dogs and staff both inside and outside in the outdoor run. Dogs are separated into different zones according to size and energy level. The staff will feed and administer medications, so you have nothing to worry about while they are there.


Location: 816 L Street SE

Get both your and your pup's day off to an early start with early morning drop-off. You can even set up curbside drop-off, so they are playing with their doggie friends as soon as possible! Your dogs are carefully supervised while playing indoors and outdoors.


Location:1232 9th St. NW

Your pup can go to Wagtime for a full day or by the hour. Groups are made depending on the size and temperament of the dogs. They have the option to play indoors or outdoors, or even take some time to relax and sleep on a comfortable bed. There is always staff playing with and supervising the dogs. Wagtime is open 7 days a week and also offers late pick-up.

Sniffers Dog Retreat

Location:7300-1 Westmore Road Rockville, MD

At Sniffers Dog Retreat, there are daycare options for every energy level, age and size. If your pup loves to play, they'll be sorted into an appropriate playgroup and can run around having a blast with their new friends all day long. If you have a dog that isn't as social or active, you can sign them up for Individual Care, where they will stay in an individual suite, get potty breaks and have scheduled play time. Dogs are able to play with all of the toys their heart desires or curl up for a nap on a cozy bed. You can check in on your pup using the webcams. There is a 12-hour drop-off/pick-up window. You can enroll your dog for a full day or by the hour.

Clever Dog

Location: 2621 Garfield Ave Silver Spring, MD

Clever Dog has SEVEN playrooms for your dog to enjoy. The playrooms can be opened to allow fresh air in. All pets are separated into groups that are age and energy appropriate and are taken on two outdoor walks every day. You can also add on grooming, if you want your pup to return to you looking and smelling their very best.

Doozydog! Club

Location: 2301 14th St. NW

Doozydog! has a strict fun-filled schedule: play time in the mornings and afternoons with a mid-day nap. It opens as early as 7 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m. There are toys and equipment for your dog to enjoy while receiving total supervision from the staff. Dogs are separated into age and temperament appropriate groups. Watch your dog have fun through the webcam.