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Fashionable Frames: The easy way to upgrade your look & flatter your face

The start of the new year is a great time to revamp your style, but overhauling your wardrobe can quickly eat up more money, time and bandwidth than you’ve bargained for. One very fast, easy and cost-effective way to update every outfit you own is sitting right in front of your nose – literally. Investing in some new glasses is a smart way to make 2017 a year of clear vision and fresh style.

Of course, not just any frames will do. Here’s how to find frames that will complement your face shape so you can look and see your best in 2017.

OVAL: you have a narrow jawline, high cheekbones and a narrow forehead

You’re lucky -- most styles will look great on you! To look your best, seek out styles that are more rectangular and horizontally-oriented to balance the verticality of your face. You can also consider frames with “upswept” corners that will emphasize your wonderful cheekbones.

ROUND: you have wide cheeks, a wide forehead and a rounded jaw

Rectangular frames with bold lines and angles will elongate your face and contrast nicely with the curvature of your natural contours. Find a pair where the bottom edge of the frame hits above your cheekbones for a flattering look. Try styles with horizontal orientations and shapes that are wider than they are tall.

SQUARE: you have a broad forehead and strong, angular jawline

Curvy styles of frames will contrast with your angular features and soften your look. Look for thinner frames and consider rimless and semi—rimless styles. Oval, round, cat eye and butterfly shapes are your friends!

HEART: your face is widest at the forehead and gently narrows through the jaw

Wider styles will balance out your forehead and details on the lower portion of the frame will further complement your face. Oval and round shapes provide a nice counterpoint to your natural angles.

These tips will get your search started, but there’s no substitute for trying glasses on in person. Working with an expert eye wear professional is always a great bet for getting your new style on!

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