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Four D.C. themed costumes you can pull together last-minute

The world can be a scary place, but there's no reason to skip out on being spooky for Halloween. Whether you're planning on passing out candy or stumbling your way down U Street, here are some costume options that are sure to be a hit.

1. Metro

While there are shockingly few train costumes available for adults, you can easily DIY a basic train costume based on this tutorial. Just paint the cardboard like a Metro car, but don't forget to add the flames!

2. Trump's hair

C'mon, did you think we'd get through this list without politics? For this costume to work, pull together a tumbleweed costume (this guide is especially easy) and cover your face and arms in orange face paint. Top it off with an ultra-wide red tie.

3. Witch that hexed Kavanaugh

In case you missed it, a New York coven recently got together to curse Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Witch costumes are pretty easy - just pull on some black clothing, grab a witch's hat and embrace ultra-dark lipstick. The trick to selling this costume is a Voodoo doll with a photo of Kavanaugh attached to its face.

4. D.C. #Instafamous Influencer

You know her. She has a mid-length ombre lob, her Lululemons never have a hole in them, she somehow looks good after Soul Cycle, she's probably really nice in person, she has a tasteful, yet adorable wardrobe, and unironically uses the hashtag #blessed. The hair and put-together look is important, but be sure to take at least 30 selfies before selecting the right one to post online, only after it's been edited to achieve that cheerful aesthetic that somehow attracts thousands of Instagram followers.