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Agility Course Training (Olde Towne Pet Resort)

Let the experts at Olde Towne Pet Resort whip Fido back into shape

Did you let Fido eat scraps from the dinner table over the holiday season? Or maybe you allowed your four-legged friend one too many Christmas treats with shorter walks due to the cold weather and now he/she is looking a little hefty hefty hefty and not so wimpy wimpy wimpy. Okay, so we don't want our pets to be wimpy, but we do want them to be healthy and not overweight.

The new year is a time when we normally think about getting ourselves back into a fitness routine, we sign up for gym memberships, and start eating healthier but we should also be thinking about the health and wellbeing of our pets. The pet care experts at Olde Towne Pet Resort (OTPR) are here to help get your dog back in tip top shape before doggy beach season (you don't want Fido to be embarrassed about his body).

The staff at OTPR know firsthand what it takes to keep your pet in shape. OTPR offers a wide range of doggy fitness classes and one-on-one training. Whether you choose personal training or a group class for your pooch, OTPR will help your pet crush those New Year's Resolutions and live a healthy life.

Fido Fit Camp:

You know when you first sign up for a gym and they offer you that free first training evaluation? They weigh you, check your fat percentage and all that jazz, well this is just like that, but for your pet!

Olde Towne Pet Resort offers a customized, comprehensive ten-day fitness program to help your dog get in shape and set up healthy habits. The resort’s trained staff will evaluate your dog and rank his body condition score, measure his BMI, chart his weight, and make food portion recommendations.

Agility Course Training:

I like to call this one Crossfit for the Pups! (Now wouldn't it be cute if they all wore cut off tank tops and Fitbits)

Running an agility course requires intense focus and energy from the dog; Olde Towne Pet Resort’s outdoor agility course with state of the art equipment, lighting, and escape-proof barriers offer pets a mental and physical challenge.

Swimming Lessons:

What dog doesn't love the water?? Swimming lessons allow your pet to have fun while getting fit.

Olde Towne Pet Resort boasts a four-foot deep, 20-foot long indoor heated lap pool for movement therapy, exercise, and for fun and games.


If the name of this class doesn't sell you, then I don't know what will! You can drop your dog off for Pawlates and you can head to human Pilates. It doesn't get any better than that.

Using elongated fit balls and fitness balancing pillows made just for dogs, Pawlates helps dogs learn to balance and stabilize their weight on a moving surface.

Here's to having happy, healthy, slobbery pets in 2017!

Olde Towne Pet Resort has three locations in the DMV and offers a variety of pet amenities, such as grooming, boarding, and dog day care.