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Maryland Zoo names baby giraffe 'Julius' after health struggle. (Photo Courtesy of Maryland Zoo)

Maryland Zoo names baby giraffe 'Julius' after health struggle

A baby giraffe born at the Maryland Zoo on Thursday, June 15, has been named "Julius," the zoo announced on Friday.

"The name means 'youthful, downy-bearded,' both of which he is," Erin Cantwell, mammal collection and conservation manager, stated in a press release on Friday. "But for us, the name Julius is a strong name representing his bloodline with his father Caesar. We are certainly hoping this name gives him added strength as we continue to provide around-the-clock specialized care for him."

The baby giraffe has been receiving around-the-clock care since Monday and has been bottle-feed after losing too much weight. Cantwell says Thursday was an exceptionally hard day for him.

"Julius gained two more pounds and showed some promising progress taking more milk from the bottle, but general weakness and changes in his blood work caused concern for the team, which has lead to more intensive care," Cantwell also stated in the press release. "He has been a cooperative patient and has responded well to treatment for now, but we are still not out of the woods yet."

The calf will stay with his mother and out of public view until further notice while he receives care. However, 5-month-old Willow and the rest of the giraffe exhibit can still be seen daily.