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1. Eligible Bachelors with Adoptable Pets (Images: Amanda Andrade-Rhoades)

Our 10 most read stories in year one

What you read says a looooooot about you. And we like what we're seeing here people! As we celebrate our first anniversary today, we wanted to see what content you enjoyed the most this year! Here are the 10 most viewed stories from from April 14, 2016 to today!

1. Eligible Bachelors with Adoptable Pets
I'm not sure anything we do will ever top the popularity of these 23 handsome (and really kind!) gentlemen who posed with dogs and cats who were adoptable through the Humane Rescue Alliance. The good news is all of the animals found homes post-shoot! I don't know if the men had as much luck...

2. Eligible Bachelorettes with Adoptable Pets
And we could never forget about all the single ladies, all the single ladies! These 20 beauties were such troopers on a chilly day in November, but they also hammed it up for the camera in support of animal adoption! Once again, all the furry participants found their forever homes, and I know for a fact this time there were a few romantic sparks on the human side.

3. Outside the White House on Election Night
On Tuesday, November 8, the nation waited with collective bated breath to see who the 45th President of the United States of America will be. Our intrepid photog Amanda posted up outside the White House, mingling with the crowds and experiencing first hand what public reactions were as electoral votes rolled in.

4. The most expensive house on the market
The most expensive house on the market (which happens to be in Bethesda) clocked in at $18 million, and is still listed as "for sale." This 6 bedroom/8 bath 20,000-square-foot house is basically real estate heaven. It comes with everything you need -- and plenty that you don't! We're talking eight fireplaces, an eight-car garage, two pools, a basketball court and a wine cellar to die for.

5. Diner en Blanc's best dressed
Thousands of people clad in white descended upon the National Mall for Dinner en Blanc. This unique event asks participants to dress in all white and prepare elaborate picnic tables and meet at a location that's only disclosed on the day of the event. Of course, the get-ups can get a little wacky, so we were on hand to capture the best (and most insane) outfits of the dinner.

6. The Hirshhorn's "Infinity Mirrors" Exhibit
You've probably seen Yayaoi Kusama's legendary "Infinity Mirrors" on Instagram, but now you can experience the magic in person at the Hirshhorn Museum -- if you can score a ticket that is! It's literally been the hottest ticket in town for weeks now, and it only runs through May 14. If you don't get lucky in the ticket lottery, take comfort in these amazingly trippy pics Amanda snapped when she viewed the exhibit on press day.

7. 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner Red Carpet
We all know D.C. geeks out of anything political, so it's really no surprise that Obama's last WHCD was a huge draw last year! Celebs and journos alike flocked to get a seat at his last dinner, but of course the red carpet was the place to be to see the best (and worst) styles of the night. Relive the gems and horrors now, as we get ready for the first WHCD under the Trump administration (which he is not attending) in just a few weeks.

8. The first look inside MGM National Harbor
You know how when you are eagerly anticipating something time seems to stand still and inch forward? Well, that was definitely the case with MGM National Harbor casino and resort, which was years in the making! The $1.4 billion casino resort in National Harbor opened to the public Thursday, December 8 at 11 p.m. and was at capacity within the hour. Lucky for you guys, you saw the inside of the property three days before the public!

9. Fashion bloggers you should be following on Instagram
Can we all just agree that D.C.'s fashion sense has majorly improved in the last decade? No, we are not Hollywood for ugly people and no, we are no longer a town that only dresses in Ann Taylor or power suits. We are a town filled with creative men and women who want their clothing to showcase their personality, and a lot of the credit for that mindset shift goes to the style and fashion bloggers in D.C. We showed you 20 of our favorite style bloggers that we think you should all be following.

10. 17 can't-miss restaurants for 2017
D.C.'s food scene is on the rise and 2017 is shaping up to be its best year yet. We sent Amanda out to eat her way through 17 new(ish) restaurants that are absolute must-trys-- oh and she got some pretty baller photos too! Consider this your go-to resource when trying to decide where to eat!