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Celebrate the NGA East Building's 40th anniversary with Evenings at the Edge. (Image: Courtesy NGA)

Out and About: 9 events to put on your calendar this week

Monday, October 8

Royal Knights: For October's edition of #RoyalKnights, the Gang gets Sunny! The Royal is celebrating one of their favorite ragtag TV gangs with "It's Always Sunny in Ledroit Park," featuring special guest bartender Arpan Duttaroy of Quill at The Jefferson behind the stick all night, serving up $8 show-inspired cocktails -- obviously, there WILL BE Rum Ham and a McPoyles' Milk Punch! Free to attend.

Meet the Press Film Festival: This festival in partnership with AFI will feature nearly two dozen films spotlighting critical issues ahead of the midterm elections. Expect films to tackle issues like immigration, voting rights and gun control. Each themed program will be followed by Q&A with the filmmakers and news correspondents/anchors. Tickets start at $10.

Tuesday, October 9

Chefs for Equality: There's still time to grab tickets for one of the hottest foodie events of the year! Back for its 7th year, Chefs for Equality features 100+ renowned chefs preparing signature dishes and 20+ mixologists creating specialty cocktails. Tickets are $200.

Viking Ship at The Wharf: Vikings are taking over the Wharf! Take a tour of the world’s largest operational Viking ship, the Draken Harald Harfagre, and hear the crew’s stories of the 2016 trans-Atlantic crossing now through October 15. Free to attend.

Wednesday, October 10

Capitals vs. Golden Knights: Watch the Caps take on the Vegas Golden Knights for the first time since their Stanley Cup-winning series in June! Tickets starting at $41.

Author Talk with Russell F. Canan, Gregory E. Mize and Frederick H. Weisberg: Elián González, Terri Schiavo, Scooter Libby—we know the arguments presented in these cases, but next to nothing about what the judges were thinking as they heard the evidence. Come hear from the editors of "Tough Cases: Judges Tell the Stories of Some of the Hardest Decisions They've Ever Made." Gathering essays from judges across the country about their most difficult case, this volume gives us a rare perspective on the American judicial system, tracing not only judges’ trains of thought but their moral dilemmas and the personal biases they struggle to recognize and shut out as they hear a case. Free to attend.

Profs and Pints Presents Witches & Witch Hunts: Last year, Donald Trump tweeted that he was the victim of “the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history!” Critics of the #MeToo movement have warned of a “Salem atmosphere” in Hollywood and beyond. But what does it really mean when men in positions of power claim to be victims of a “witch hunt”? And what about the real history of the witch trials, which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of women in sixteenth and seventeenth-century Europe? Come explore such questions with Professor Mikki Brock, at the Bier Baron Tavern, who teaches a class on witch-hunts at Washington and Lee. Tickets are $12.

Thursday, October 11

Evenings at the Edge: I. M. Pei’s iconic East Building opened in 1978, and NGA is celebrating 40 years of this landmark building and modern art collection with disco music! Enjoy beats from local favorite DJ Kelton Higgins, a film inspired by the East Building and pop-up talks featuring works of art from the 1970s. Visitors can design birthday cards, construct the museum of the future using blocks and magnetic tiles, play beloved games from the disco era and indulge in cake pops and a variety of empanadas. Free to attend, but register in advance.

Author Talk with Mika Brzezinski: Join Mika Brzezinski as she discusses the revised version of her 2011 book "Know Your Value" with BBC World News Anchor, Katty Kay. In "Know Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth," Brzezinski helps women find their voices, effectively communicate their value, and get more respect for their contributions in the workplace and beyond. Tickets are $20, or $35 for ticket and book.