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When can we expect the first episode? June 8 (Image: Courtesy Paul Wharton)

Paul Wharton spills details about his upcoming 'Paulitics' podcast

Ok kids, if you haven't hopped aboard the podcast train, now's the time to ride along as local Paul Wharton is getting ready to launch his own salacious show on June 8. If you don't recognize the name (you'd definitely recognize the hair), you've obviously never watched a minute of the "Real Housewives" franchise as Wharton was referred to as "the sixth housewife" during D.C.'s brief run with the show, and is frequently seen out with the Potomac cast. This modern day renaissance man has dipped his hands in just about every creative pot, from television to modeling to the beauty industry, and now he wants to dish about it all in podcast form.

Wharton’s upcoming “Paulitics, the Podcast” gives a glimpse into the celebrity friendships and personal life of its creator. The podcast comes at a busy time for Wharton as he simultaneously works on a TV movie, travels for his “Pulling It All Together” book tour and is in talks with a network about reality TV shows. In one of his rare off moments, DC Refined caught up with Wharton to get a better idea of what listeners can expect this summer.

Why a podcast?

I don’t want to just be defined as the “Style Guy.” When you have a gay guy on TV, they say he’s a stylist. I’m a stylish person who enjoys lots of things, so I think at this stage of my life and my career, it’s important for me to try a lot of things. One thing that I know for sure about being a creative entrepreneur, no matter how strong you start off, eventually the phone will stop ringing.

You currently appear on Sarah Fraser’s podcast “Hey Frase.” Has anything been challenging about starting your own?

I think one of the biggest hurdles for me has been with how this is going to affect my travel schedule. Podcast Village, where we record the “Hey Frase” podcast, is where I plan on doing my podcast, but this summer, I’m doing a lot of traveling; I'll be in Paris, Ireland and Italy. I think if I can get the right equipment to take my podcast on the road, and then send it home to be edited, I would love to bring my podcast audience along with me.

How will “Paulitics” be different from “Hey Frase”?

One thing I have learned from doing “Hey Frase" is that Sarah likes to follow a format and talk about pop culture. I don’t love talking about the pop culture stories that everybody else is talking about. I want to cover the stories that relate to our own lives. Certain pop culture stories, like Kanye’s meltdown at TMZ, are interesting to me because it's a real life issue and not just something that’s trending.

You said you hope to have celebs on the show. Do you have some lined up that listeners can look forward to?

I have some very interesting friends. My friend Jenifer Lewis from “Black-ish” was just in town. When I take this show to LA, I’ll do her. Patti LaBelle has said she’ll do it. It’s just a cool group to talk about life and travel. I really want to have Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’s attorney, on the podcast.

The name of the podcast is clearly a play on your own name, but what about politics?

This is the most powerful city in the world, and you can’t just live here and not be involved in that conversation. Initially when I decided to launch this podcast I thought, “Well you know what would be an interesting conversation? Omarosa was my best friend for many years, right up until she jumped on the Trump train.” And we tried to keep our friendship on par, and I know people say don’t let your politics come between you, but it actually did. We’re talking again, and she will be on the podcast, but I really want to have a conversation on how politics affect relationships -- how it affected ours personally, and how we are trying to mend it. It will be some part politics and all parts fun.