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This 2.5-year-old pup is basically straight out of Frozen! (Image: Courtesy HRA)

Pet of the Week: Juneau the Husky

Meet Juneau. Perhaps no one is more ready for winter than Juneau, because the cold never bothered him anyway.

Juneau is a 2.5-year-old Husky mix who is ready for long walks and frolicking in the yard no matter what the weather looks like. A brisk jog and a chance to investigate everything out in the world makes him a very happy pup. Juneau is very much a husky, as he's athletic, stubborn, free-spirited and intelligent. He needs lots of enrichment in his new home -- toys, puzzles and perhaps some agility training would fit his athletic personality well. He LOVES the outdoors, so daily hikes or runs will keep him mentally stimulated and happy.

If you think you can keep up with a cool guy like Juneau, drop by for a visit today at HRA’s New York Avenue Adoption Center!