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Nino may be a bit of a wallflower, but a loving family will help him come out of his shell. Nino is available for adoption at the Humane Rescue Alliance's Oglethorpe Adoption Center. (Image: Courtesy HRA)<p></p>

Pet of the Week: Meet Nino the wallflower

Meet Nino! We see unique looking animals often at our adoption centers, usually dogs that are a combination of a number of breeds. But Nino might just be the most unique!

This big boy is tall and lanky, with a brindle coat that features course “wiry” patches of hair around his neck and feet. Unfortunately, Nino’s ears were cropped at some point as well – a practice that serves no purpose and is painful for the dog. Those features combine to give this five year old a very unique, and serious, look. But Nino is a wallflower, shy, yet charming and looking for an owner with a relaxed lifestyle and someone that will help him come out of his shell. Some love and attention will allow Nino to blossom!

Come out today to meet Nino at our Oglethorpe Street Adoption Center and give this guy a new, loving home.