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Pets of the Week: Peak and Lady Dole (Humane Rescue Alliance)

Pets of the Week: Peak and Lady Dole

Meet Peak!

Peak is a very handsome, laid back and mellow boy who is looking for his forever home. From a shelter in Birmingham, Alabama, this southern gentleman is three years old with deep brown eyes, a golden coat and a very sweet face, making it quite easy to fall in love with him.

Peak gets along well with other dogs, especially those that are more on the mellow side. And he loves people. He can be playful, but comes across as shy when first meeting someone. Stop by our Oglethorpe Street adoption center and meet this gentle boy. He can’t wait to meet you!


Meet the one-and-only Lady Dole!

If you’re looking for a cuddle bug of a cat, or a cat that would be suitable for children, Lady Dole is not your cat. Lady Dole’s tortitude is off the charts, and will require a special adopter with patience and understanding. However, if she deems you acceptable, she will demand to be petted about two to three times a day and perhaps decide you’re not petting her quite right, if so, she’ll let you have it with a swat – sometimes it’s a love swat but other times it’s a whack of contempt. This sassy lady has been with the HRA for more than a year (383 days to be exact)!

In that time she’s earned the title of Chief Communications Cat, spending much of her time as a pampered office foster with Chief Communications Officer, David Smith.

“She plops herself down on my hand while I am using my mouse and looks at me and demands that I stop working because its “pet-the-cat” time,” says David. “For the most part she lounges on chairs and or in her cat tree and surveys her realm. Sometimes as I pass her tree, she’ll whack my arm with a swat just to make sure I know she’s there and she’s the lady in charge. This is manageable as long as her nails are regularly trimmed. She’s incredibly loving and longing for the right family she can give her whacky version of Lady Dole love to!”

Think you might be her special someone? Meet Lady Dole at our Oglethorpe Street adoption center today! Or share to help us find her a loving home.