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Want to meet one of these three cuties? Stop by the Humane Rescue Alliance (Humane Rescue Alliance)

Pets of the Week: Wiggly, Jacko & Princess

Meet Wiggly!

As you can guess, Wiggly’s name says a lot about her! She is a happy, energetic young gal who can't wait to find her forever home.

Wiggly ended up at the Humane Rescue Alliance after a police officer picked her up when she was running at large. Call it good luck, as the police officer gathered Wiggly and brought her to HRA to either reunite Wiggly with her owner or to find a new forever home for this sweet girl. This two year-old has a terrific personality and LOVES everyone she meets. She also likes to play with other dogs, so she would love to go home to a new best friend!

If you're looking for a sweet, goofy, WIGGLY friend, go visit her today at the Humane Rescue Alliance’s Oglethorpe Street adoption center.


Meet Jacko!

This 2-year-old boy ended up at the Humane Rescue Alliance’s New York Avenue adoption center when his owners could no longer care for him.

He is fun, friendly, and ready to be your new pal! He’s not interested in tennis balls but will happily fetch sticks. Jacko would love a home where he could run around -- maybe with a doggy friend? -- and play for as long as he wanted.

If he sounds like the guy for you, stop by the Humane Rescue Alliance's New York Avenue adoption center and meet him soon.


Meet Princess!

Rescued as a stray from the streets of DC, Princess is extremely friendly and easy to handle. This special needs kitty is looking for a loving family that will continue to help her thrive.

In addition to an eyelid condition called cherry eye that will require surgery, this petite Calico is diabetic and will need continued medical care throughout her life. Princess is only 4 years old so with such care she will have many great years ahead of her and endless love to give.

Think this sweet girl would be a good match for you? Meet her at the Humane Rescue Alliance's Oglethorpe Street NW adoption center.