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Roundup: Best one liners from the White House Correspondents' Dinner

If you didn't get a chance to attend or watch the White House Correspondents' Dinner, don't worry! We have a roundup of all the best jokes and one liners from Saturday night's Nerd Prom.

Opening statements by Jeff Mason, President of the White House Correspondents' Association:

"We are not fake news...And we are not the enemy of the people."

"We are here to celebrate The Press, not the Presidency. And I'm happy to report that the event is sold out."

Carl Bernstein, Investigative Journalist and Author:

"When lying is combined with secrecy there is usually a good roadmap in front of us. Yes, follow the money but follow also the lies."

"Our job is to put the best obtainable version of the truth out there. Period. Especially now."

Bob Woodward, Investigative Journalist and Author:

"Mr. President, the media is not fake news."

Hasan Minhaj, Senior Correspondent, The Daily Show:

"Who would've thought... that a Muslim would be standing on this stage for the ninth year in a row?"

"I would say it is an honor to be here, but that would be an alternative fact."

"The leader of our country is not here..and that's because he lives in Moscow. It's a very long flight."

"Do you want to know what he's not doing when he's golfing? Being president. Let the man putt-putt."

"Who is tweeting at 3 a.m., SOBER? Donald Trump because it's 10 a.m. in Russia, business hours."

"The news coming out of the White House is so stressful, I've been watching 'House of Cards' just to relax."

"How many people do you know who can turn a press briefing into a full-on Mel Gibson traffic stop? Only the Spice Man."

"When one of you messes up, you all get blamed. Now you know what it feels like to be a minority."

"The man who tweets everything that enters his head, refuses to acknowledge the amendment that allows him to do it."