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If things are getting a little more serious with you and your beau, maybe make it a weekend trip and book a stay at Skyland Lodge. (Image: Courtesy Skyland Lodge)

The five best date spots to woo someone this fall

Whether you're looking for someone to get you through cuffing season or hoping you'll find something that'll last longer, dating can feel like an endless cycle of happy hour and awkward conversation. Here are five alternatives dates that will help you strike up a conversation and maybe spark something romantic.

1. Breakfast for dinner at Buffalo and Bergen

We've all scarfed down a bowl of cereal somewhere between a long day of work and hitting the hay, but Buffalo and Bergen in Union Market is several steps above that. Their retro cool counter serves up sizable bagel sandwiches well into the night - my personal favorite is the 'Hey y'all... it's a BLT', which features pimento cheese and ultra-crisp bacon. Be sure to grab a knish to split with your date and don't forget that everything on their menu washes down well with one of their boozy cocktails.

2. Soak in some cozy vibes at ANXO

There's something wonderful about sipping on a crisp, dry cider on an autumn day. ANXO has won a place in many local hearts for their dry cider and welcoming digs, especially at their Truxton Circle location. However, if you're looking to learn a little more about cider with your date, try out their Petworth location, which has the cidery on site.

3. Happy hour at The Anthem

I'm not convinced concerts are a good first date choice - you don't get to talk or, if you do talk, you miss the music. However, if things are going well after a few dates, consider grabbing tickets to a show at The Anthem and head to their second-floor bars before the show starts. Not only does The Anthem have a great happy hour special, you can split a belgian waffle with your date while overlooking The Wharf. Be sure to check out our monthly concert guide so you can plan out your date night.

4. Go leaf peeping in Shenandoah

If you or your date has access to a car, take a day trip out to Shenandoah. Although trying to look cute after a nine mile hike around Old Rag is next to impossible, you can always drive up to Skyline Drive and enjoy the sunset - the view is well worth the trip out there. If things are getting a little more serious with you and your beau, maybe make it a weekend trip and book a stay at Skyland Lodge.

5. Ramen and a movie in Shaw

On especially chilly fall nights, it's kind of nice when you can hit all of your date night destinations without having to bundle up. Atlantic Plumbing Cinema features a full bar, comfortable seats and and intimate movie experience and Haikan's delicious, warm ramen is in the same building, meaning you can stay toasty all night without leaving each other's side.