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It didn't take long for Rachel Lindsay to rebound from her surprising, gut-wrenching rejection by Nick Viall and capture the hearts of America, as well as this season's 31 eligible bachelors. Now after surviving shocking twists and turns and a journey filled with laughter, tears, love and controversy, Rachel has narrowed down the field to Bryan, Eric and Peter. She finds herself falling in love with all three of these captivating men and terribly torn between them. She can envision a future with all of these bachelors, but time is running out. In a live, three-hour special, Chris Harrison takes Rachel and Bachelor Nation back to those final days in Rioja, Spain, to discuss the difficult choices she made along the way. Her three suitors will join them throughout the live special, on ?The Bachelorette: The Three Hour Live Finale (ABC)

The (not so) dramatic season finale of the Bachelorette

Previously on the Bachelorette -- Rachel's journey took her to Spain, where she finds herself falling in love with three men. Peter is still skeptical about the whole situation, Bryan and Eric are all in and have admitted they are ready for marriage.

Monday night on the THREE HOUR season finale of the Bachelorette -- Rachel will be watching the episode live with the studio audience and all the women at home. Did she find love? Did she leave broken hearted? Does she have to return the ring if they breakup??

Okay, let's dig in!

We start the night in Spain with Rachel and Peter talking about Peter not being ready to say the words "will you marry me?" Rachel thinks they need more time together to sort everything out in private and she offers Peter the fantasy suite...Peter accepts. Also, Rachel keeps comparing Peter to a long term relationship that she was in before..but this is nothing like that! Peter isn't ready for marriage after a few weeks... your longterm boyfriend wasn't ready for marriage after five years. BIG DIFFERENCE.

The morning after the fantasy suite, Peter cooks Rachel breakfast shirtless (ohh heyyy!). The two leave the suite on good terms and agree to take time to think.

Onto Bryan's date... riding horses through the vineyards. Bryan describes the date as awkward and says he doesn't feel like Rachel is all there. The boring date continues and Rachel offers Bryan the fantasy suite...Bryan accepts. The overnight with Bryan seemed to go well and Bryan seems confident in his relationship with Rachel.

Rose ceremony time: Who will get the boot?? Who will the final two be?? Rachel stop talking and get to the point!

Bryan gets a rose, Peter gets a rose (YES!), Eric is sent home with nothing to show but a broken heart and probably a lot of dead roses.

Rachel tells Eric she does love him, she's just not in love. Tears are shed, and goodbyes are said. Bye, Eric.


Bryan gets to go on a hot air balloon with Rachel for his final date. (I fricken HATE watching them kiss. Pukkkee!) Bryan gives Rachel a Spanish dictionary and the date comes to an end.

Peter has one last chance to show Rachel he is committed, just not ready for marriage at this moment. The two explore a beautiful monastery. Peter again expresses to Rachel that he isn't ready to propose, leaving her sad and confused.

The conversation continues with lots of tears and the couple trying to figure out what the best option is. The two end the night with the decision of ending the relationship before the proposal day. Rachel isn't willing to settle for a boyfriend and Peter can't guarantee a proposal. This scene is a tear jerker! Oh em gee. So sad. Rachel cried her eyelashes off!

This means Rachel's bachelorette love story ends with Bryan - UGH. Although the ring he picked out is b-e-a-utiful!

Rachel stands at the top of a very windy castle waiting on Bryan to propose. He gives a little spiel about loving her, she does the same, he proposes and Rachel accepts. Honestly, it seemed a little bit like she was more excited about the ring than the dude giving it to her... just saying!

We wish Rachel the best, but I guess we shall see how long this one lasts.

The end.