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DO NOT feed your animals this under the table at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving food. Man, it's THE BEST.

Your dog knows it too. Think about all those smelly smells he's picking up! You already know that your little fluffy friend will be hanging around your feet as you eat - just waiting for that one single scrap of Thanksgiving goodness.

So with a little help from Trupanion, we have dissected the bits and pieces of the Thanksgiving meal soiree that are okay for your pup to eat and things that are DEFINITELY NOT OKAY.


Turkey is technically okay, but only a small amount. Light and lean meat is preferable but you have to keep the skin, fat, and any dark meat out of the mix. MOST IMPORTANTLY, make sure that your dog does not get a hold of any cooked bones because it can cause choking or be ingested and damage your pet's digestive system. Trupanion says that the average treatment for "Foreign Body Ingestion" is $1,400... sooo avoid at all costs.


Fido should also pass on the stuffing. I's terribly sad. The stuffing is the best part! If you use raisins, onion, chives, garlic, or scallions in your stuffing recipe - pup needs to avoid at all costs. These foods are very toxic to dogs.

Mashed Taters

Bland taters are okay! But only super, duper bland. Even buttered or salted taters can lead to a tummy ache. Again, if you prepare the taters with garlic, onion, scallions or's a BIG no-no.

Pumpkin, Apple, or Pecan Pie

Okay so maybe a little teensy bite is okay, but sugar is not Fido's friend! (Is it anyone's though?)

Anyways, everyone! Have a great Thanksgiving from our family to yours. It is a time meant to share communion with your loved ones and sometimes your pup needs a little love too. Learn more about the do's and don'ts of dog-friendly scraps on Trupanions website!