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Edward Christian, Marquis D. Gibson, Elizabeth Pierotti, Laura Artesi, and Lolita Marie in "Well" at 1st Stage. (Image: Teresa Castracane)

Theatre Tuesday: April's discounts deals and dates

Spring has sprung! Or at least it's trying to with a 75 degree day here and a 50 degree day there, but I digress. Spring is the season that represents new beginnings, so it only seems fitting that many of the theatres in the area are showcasing new works or revitalizing old favorites. Below you can find a sprinkling of plays and musicals throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia that we highly recommend. Happy spring and theater-going!


  • Written by Lorraine Hansberry and directed by Tazwell Thompson
  • Arena Stage
  • Running April 6 – May 7
  • Discounts: Arena Stage has a great savings programs for tickets.

Lorraine Hansberry's groundbreaking masterpiece follows the Younger family yearning for a better life far from the cramped confines of their Chicago tenement. Hope arrives in the form of an unexpected financial windfall, but family ties are strained when they realize they have differing definitions of the American dream -- which dreams get realized and which are deferred?


  • Written by James Norris and directed by Roberta Gasbarre
  • Adventure Theatre, Glen Echo, MD
  • Running April 7 – May 21
  • Tickets: $20
  • Appropriate for all ages

This is Aladdin as you’ve never seen it before. Aladdin and his love, the princess Adora, must outsmart an evil Magician who wants to use the genie in Aladdin’s lamp for his nefarious schemes! Will he get away with it? Get ready for love, magic, and mystery in this production for all ages.


  • Written by Athol Fugard and directed by Joy Zinoman
  • Mosaic Theater Company of DC
  • Running now – April 30
  • Cool Dates: April 7 and 14 - Happy Hour at 7pm before the 8pm show

This landmark classic from South Africa’s most acclaimed playwright, Athol Fugard, is a harrowing fable of two brothers bound by blood and separated by color. The light-skinned Morris and his darker-skinned brother Zachariah share a one-room shack in Port Elizabeth, where their childhood memories form a bond that runs deep. But when Zachariah’s pen-pal, a white woman, announces her intention to meet him in person, it is Morris who cloaks himself in the clothes and mannerisms he learned while “passing” in white society in order to pose as his brother.


  • Written by Beverely Cross, Francis Evans and Marc Camoletti and directed by Evan Hoffman
  • Next Stop Theatre Company, Herndon, Virginia
  • Running April 6 - May 7
  • Tickets: $35-$55

Boeing Boeing is a side-splitting farce that enjoyed a Tony Award-winning revival in 2008. The play takes place in the 1960’s and features the story of Bernard, an American bachelor living in Paris, the three gorgeous airline stewardesses engaged to him (none of whom know about each other) and the chaotic day when the release of a faster Boeing jet brings all three ladies into town simultaneously, ruining all of Bernard’s best laid plans.


  • Written by Neil Simon and directed by Matt Torney
  • Theater J
  • Running April 5 – May 7
  • Deals: April 5 and 6 - Pay What You Can previews; April 7 and 8 - $30 previews

Coming of age is never easy—but it sure can be hilarious. Eugene Morris Jerome is 15, lives in Brooklyn, and thinks of little else but playing for the Yankees… and girls, of course. But he’s more likely to become a short story writer than a short stop. Eugene’s witty commentary about his life, his overworked father, his overbearing mother, his overconfident brother, and his overly gorgeous cousin, makes this tender journey through puberty both poignant and joyful.


  • Written by Nilaja Sun and directed by Ron Russsell
  • Woolly Mammoth Theatre
  • Running now - April 23
  • Cheap Date Night: April 9 - Get two tickets for the price of one.

On the Lower East Side, a mother works hard to keep the electricity flowing for her daughter’s respirator while a hurricane looms nearby. As she prepares for disaster, a vibrant host of characters—a decorated war veteran, her ne’er-do-well father, her octogenarian downstairs neighbor—bring new meaning to the phrase “it takes a village.”


  • Written by Lisa Kron and directed by Michael Bloom
  • 1st Stage, Tyson’s Corner, VA
  • Running now - April 23
  • Tickets and Discounts: Adults - $30; Seniors - $27; Students and Military - $15

"This play is not about my mother and me," begins the character of Lisa. But, of course, it is about her mother, and her mother's extraordinary ability to heal a changing neighborhood, despite her inability to heal herself. In this "solo show with people in it," Kron asks the provocative question: "Do we create our own illness?" The answers she gets are much more complicated than she bargained for as the play spins dangerously out of control into riotously funny and unexpected territory.