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Thousands of members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies hit the streets around Dupont Circle for the annual pride parade. (Image: Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/ DC Refined)

Take a look back at the top ten stories of 2018

Woah Nelly has 2018 been a year! There have been some incredible highs and some emotional lows, but we are choosing to remember the high. And if we learned anything about you this year, you have chosen to do the same (see story six below...).

In 2018 you guys were big fans of dogs (particularly adoptable ones posed with pretty people), D.C.'s food scene, fancy homes and semi-nakedness. How do we know this, you ask? We crunched the numbers, of course and these were our top 10 most read stories of the entire year.

1. Meet 2018's most eligible bachelors and adoptable pups

Once again, you threw your full support behind our gallery of adorable puppies in need of homes and hunky men, seeking dates! For the second year, we partnered with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue to feature adoptable pups looking for their forever homes, and the organization could not have been more wonderful to work with. And of course the gents were all kind, funny, awesome single dudes. We heard there may have been a few love connections made at our post photoshoot yappy hour! ;)

2. Meet 2018's most eligible bachelorettes and adoptable pups

Can we hear it for the ladies?? YES, we definitely heard from you how much you loved seeing even more adoptable Lucky Dogs paired with our gorgeous and talented crop of single ladies! The good news is we've heard that many of these puppers were adopted already! Stay tuned if you would like to meet any of the lovely ladies as we will be hosting a bachelor x bachelorette mixer in January!

3. The Capitol Stones are D.C.'s best worst-kept secret

In the late 1950s, parts of the Capitol were renovated to create new office space and a subway terminal. The removed fa├žade pieces were dumped in Rock Creek Park, where they now languish, covered by vines. The Capitol Stones are barely off of the beaten path - they're just half a mile from the Rock Creek Park Horse Center parking lot. However, stumbling across the maze of crumbling stones feels like uncovering a mystery worthy of Indiana Jones. Many of the stones still have intricate carvings that have barely been tainted by encroaching vines. This locals-only attraction is definitely worth a visit, even if the location is visible on Google Maps.

4. Peek inside legendary Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann's home

When I found out I was going to have the chance to meet Captain Bubbly himself, I had to try reaaaaaaally hard to conceal my fan girl-ness. But I (mostly) did it and was rewarded by being one of the first people to see the home makeover of Theismann's Leesburg farm house. Joe and his wife Robin worked with Michael Murray, the general manager of Rachael Ray Home to redesign their living room, master bedroom and trophy room with furniture from Belfort Furniture. The big reveal was broadcast on the Rachel Ray show Tuesday, February 20, but we (and thus you) were given the opportunity to be one of the first to see the finished product!

5. 18 essential restaurants to try in 2018

D.C.'s food scene continues to get better and better each year. To kick off 2018 on the right foot, we sent our photographer on a mission to eat her way through some of the best new(ish) restaurants in early 2018, so you knew where you should be making reservations.

6. 3 delivery services that offer marijuana as a free gift

This was actually a story published in early 2017, but for some reason, you guys really, really liked it this year! I can't possibly imagine what that reason could have been... But anyways, the story follows three pot delivery services in D.C. circumventing the illegality of selling weed by peddling other products instead – and including cannabis as a free gift. We break down how it works, what you get, and whether the item(s) you ostensibly are buying are actually any good or simply a ruse to get you to buy the weed.

7. The DMV's first Taco Bell Cantina is finally here

On December 20, the DMV's first Taco Bell Cantina opened to the public, a day earlier than previously announced. The Taco Bell Cantina, which is located in Old Town Alexandria, is different from your average Taco Bell because they offer alcoholic beverages like beer, wine and boozy Freezes, as well as special menu items, such as the naked chicken chips. The indoor and outdoor seating areas will be able to fit over 70 people and the Taco Bell Cantina will be open until 2 a.m.

8. D.C.'s Pride parade hits the streets in a flurry of color

Always one of our favorite events to cover, and we were thrilled to see that this year you loved seeing it as much as we loved covering it! Thousands of members of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies hit the streets around Dupont Circle for the annual pride parade. Those who weren't marching cheered on the sidelines or danced in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

9. Want to go to prison without committing a felony? Then these apartments are for you

Built in 1909, Lorton Reformatory housed both low-level offenders and maximum-security prisoners until the last inmate was removed in 2001. Since then, it's been renovated and repurposed into the ironically named Liberty Crest Apartments. Tenants can get a taste of life in the slammer, without doing any hard time. The units feature brick walls, signs from the old prison, and thick bars over some of the windows. Although some new housing options are being built on the land, all of the residents can enjoy the pool, gym and un-renovated and kinda creepy guard towers that still dot the property.

10. Locals strip for the annual 'No Pants Metro Ride'

So last year it was Cupid's Undie Run, and this year it's the No Pants Metro Ride-- what is it with you guys and semi nakedness?? The temperature never peaked above freezing, but dozens of people stripped to their underwear for the annual 'No Pants Metro Ride' on January 7. The event is organized locally by Capitol Improv, but similar pantsless rides are held in major cities around the world. The whole affair is pretty self explanatory - Metro riders just skip their pants and ride around town - all in the name of a good time.