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Hope for Henry is reinventing how hospitals care for seriously ill children and their families through innovative program that entrain, reduce stress, and empower children to be active participants in their own care. (

Young patients turn their hospital rooms into a home

Close your eyes and picture a hospital room.

You probably won't picture the room filled with decorative pillows, colorful throw covers, fun pictures on the wall, or string lights and beautiful decoration.

However, a local organization, Hope for Henry foundation, is working to change that for sick children in the Washington, D.C. area.

A program called 'A Room of your Own' launches on Tuesday afternoon with a partnership formed by Dormify and Hope for Henry foundation.

Young patients in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore will decorate their rooms to make the hospital feel more like a home away from home.

The program is geared for children undergoing bone marrow transplants, cancer treatments, and other medical procedures that require an extended hospital stay.

Decor packs are themed by a child's age and gender.

50 young patients at Children's National and Medstar Georgetown in Washington, D.C. will participate in the program.

Hope for Henry says they are an organization reinventing how hospitals care for seriously ill children and their families. The organization has served more then 35,000 sick children in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and around the country.

Dormify is a one-stop-shop for small space decorating.