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Your musical guide to All Things Go

All Things Go is the only music festival in The District and this year it's back and bigger than ever, having expanded to three days. To get you through all the acts, we've created a guide to all of the can't-miss acts and a playlist to give you a sampler of what to expect at Union Market.

Day 1: Friday, Oct. 6

Galantis - The first headliner is upbeat EDM out of Sweden. This music is almost dangerously danceable and it’ll start the weekend off on a high note.

Win and Woo - This electro-pop duo doesn’t have a huge body of work, but their electronic soundscapes are intricately layered and a little more moody than typical EDM fare.

The Knocks - Nu-disco is dance-worthy by definition, but The Knocks bring an R&B flair that strikes a strong balance between genres.

Day 2: Saturday, Oct. 7

Young Thug - Day two is heading an entirely different direction with Young Thug, the rising hip-hop star who posted bail for marijuana charges just this week. Young Thug is a special breed of musician though - both his aesthetic and sound are experimental, challenging and cooler than most of us can comprehend.

Vince Staples - The hip-hop trend continues with Vince Staples, who’s received critical acclaim for his sometimes avant-garde sound. Although his music is great for a party, it’s hard to escape his clear brilliance and taste for bringing in unusual influences like harsh noise and EDM.

Saba - This hip-hop artist is more chill than a lot of the acts performing on day two, but make no mistake - it’s just as catchy and enjoyable.

Cashmere Cat - This deejay has been associated with a lot of big name acts (think Ariana Grande and Ty Dolla $ign), but his sound always lingers in the alternative R&B range.

Day 3: Sunday, Oct. 8

Foster the People - I’m just going to say it now - Foster the People has songs that aren’t “Pumped up Kicks” and a lot of them are better than their 2011 hit. Foster the People falls solidly in line with Los Angeles indie rock with their thumping beats and upbeat tone, but their newest efforts are a little more laid back and electro-infused. It'll be a great way to finish out the festival.

Great Good Fine Ok - Synth-pop always plays well at festivals, but Great Good Fine Ok brings unexpected melodies that will keep you humming their tunes on Monday. They also have a lot of weirdly good break up music, so if you're hurting this is the show to commiserate at.

Betty Who - Did we mention how much we love synth-pop? Betty Who is great for jamming out with your friends or alone in your car, thanks in part to the fact that her sound alternates between dreamy and stadium-worthy.

Bleachers - Indie pop-rock may sound like a hipster candy, but Bleachers toes the line between genres so well it's hard to box them in. Their sound is ultimately upbeat, engrossing and just a little raw.