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WARNING: Get ready to go down a DEEEEP hole of viral videos! (Image: Courtesy GetCenturyLink)

Can you guess what viral videos D.C., MD and VA love?

Did you know Youtube is 14 years old?? That for sure makes me feel old, because unlike my Seattle Refined friend, I definitely remember the 16 years of my life before the magical video platform existed!

To celebrate, the people over at GetCenturyLink Analysis crunched the numbers to look at which viral video was the most popular in each state.

Now before I go and ruin any chance you had at being productive for the rest of today (because trust me, you're about to go down a DEEP hole of viral video watching) and tell you what videos are apparently ruling our roosts in the DMV, do you have any guesses? I mean we've got Charlie over here biting people,spunky three-year-olds begging "Linda, honey, just listen!" and pop-loving fire victims who get bronchitis from smoke inhalation, which obviously, ain't nobody got time for! There's just too many to choose from.


Ultimate Dog Tease
Leave it to D.C. to be dog obsessed! And obsessed to the tune of 194 MILLION views!


JK Wedding Entrance Dance
Fun Fact: Jill and Kevin's Big Day, which was first published on July 19, 2009, has since raised $50,000 for the Sheila Wellstone Foundation, working to end domestic violence. The festive nuptials of Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz has been viewed over 97 million times (it was viewed more than 3.5 million times within 48 hours of upload) and was even recreated on "The Office" during Jim and Pam's epic wedding episode, which aired on October 8, 2009.


Zombie Kid Likes Turtles
I guess Oregonians weren't quite as taken with Jonathan as us Virginians? I'm pretty convinced that the majority of the 60 million views on this one are from my brother and his friends who were slightly obsessed with Jonathan's turtle antics. P.S. If you share their obsession, you can get more Jonathan with this follow-up interview. Spoiler alert: He seems to like geckos now.

While Virginia and D.C. were alone in their viral video love, Maryland was in good company with 10 other states who can't get enough of the JK Wedding Entrance Dance.

You can see which video each state is loving here.