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Brian Nixon. (Amanda Andrade-Rhoades/DC Refined)<p></p>

4 D.C. bartenders on their worst customers, drink orders and other pet peeves

Trevor Frye, bartender

On his least favorite drink orders: "Irish Car Bombs or Black and Tans. I won’t serve them in my bars."

The worst customers in bars: The people who aren't ready to order. ".Just have your drink order ready to go when you approach a bar. If you walk up and turn to your friends and say 'uhhhh' I am on to the next person."

Other pet peeves: Bartenders who are rude to customers about their orders - no matter what they are. "We are in the business of serving guests and not shaming them for what they want to drink. My mindset is if you have the ingredients behind the bar to make a drink someone orders, do it and do it happily. In a city like D.C. that is growing almost too fast to sustain, businesses don’t have the luxury of turning their nose up at guests orders."

Brian Nixon, bar man at Truxton Inn and McClellan's Retreat

His least favorite drink: "I still snicker a little about Long Islands."

How he deals with it: "[At McClellan's retreat] any time anyone orders an LIT, the bartender has carte blanche to grab whatever 5 bottles they want, add citrus and something bubbly and send it out. You're not allowed to make it the same way twice on the same visit for the same guest. Keeps it more interesting for us and the guest."

Megan Barnes, Beverage director at Espita Mezcaleria

On her least favorite drink orders: Nothing, most of the time. "We’re generally happy to make anything a guest wants," she said. "Sometimes it can be a blow to the heart when someone tries to modify a cocktail that we’ve created by asking for it 'spicy' or on the rocks."

Andrea Tateosian, President of DC Craft Bartenders Guild and general manager of The Passenger

Her patron pet peeve: "Patrons getting frustrated with me when I ask for ID. Or for denying service for an expired ID. I once had a man try to return a beer he'd paid for because his date's ID was expired and I wouldn't serve her. When I told him that once an ID expires it's no longer considered valid, he said 'It is a valid ID, it's just expired.' Some serious mental gymnastics, there."