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Beefsteak's Frida Kale salad is a surprisingly delicious blend of kale, cranberries, black beans and a spicy tomato sauce. (Photo by Rey Lopez)<p></p>

5 Great post-workout meal spots conveniently located near gyms

No matter whether you’re breaking a sweat to lose weight, stay fit or if you’re just one of those lucky ducks who actually loves going to the gym, there’s one thing working out is really great for — inspiring a better diet.

After all, what’s the point in sacrificing precious free time, money for pricey classes and all that energy if you’re going to walk out of there and put it all back on by wolfing down a cheesesteak or a pepperoni pizza? Instead, consider these five options conveniently located near some of DC’s hottest workout trends:

The workout: CorePower Yoga // Where to refuel: Fruitive

CorePower Yoga: 824 9th St NW // Fruitive: 1094 Palmer Alley NW

  • The skinny: The Virginia Beach-based company doles out gem-colored juices, gluten-free buckwheat waffles topped with combos like berries, whipped coconut cream, lavender and maple syrup, and collard tacos, among other plant-based (read: vegan) options.
  • What to order: We haven’t tried the new waffles yet, but we went crazy for the avocado herb toast, the acai bowl whizzed up with almond milk, banana and peanut butter topped with cocoa nibs, granola and fruit, and a date-sweetened coffee drink called the coffee date.

The workout: Squash on Fire// Where to refuel: Upper West Side Café

Squash on Fire: 2233 M St. NW, second floor

  • The skinny: This state-of-the-art squash facility opened earlier this year and doesn’t require memberships, making it more accessible than your average squash court. The Upper West Side Café shares space with Squash on Fire.
  • What to order: Following your lesson or session, make your way out to the terrace and order a plate of grass-fed hanger steak with purple potatoes, roasted cauliflower and chimichurri or the flavorful spelt pasta tossed with asparagus, edamame, cauliflower, fennel and pesto.

The workout: Cardio Kickboxing at WSC // Where to refuel: Cava

WSC: 3100 14th St NW // Cava: 3105 14th St NW

  • The skinny: This popular class at Washington Sports Clubs in Columbia Heights will kick your butt, but at least instructor Bill Junius keeps you moving — and laughing. And while choosing Cava seems like a no-brainer, we still think it’s worth calling out since this local fast-casual chain is likely convenient to many workout options in the DMV. (If you want something less chainy, try the vegetarian sampler at Letena Ethiopian Restaurant on Park Road, instead.)
  • What to order: Cava fans sometimes forget how intimidating it can be if you’ve never been — you’re in a rush to order, but there are so many choices. Here’s my go-to order — the greens and grains bowl with brown rice, super greens and lentils; hummus, tzatziki and eggplant-red pepper dip; half falafel and half grilled chicken for proteins; cabbage slaw, olives, mint, quinoa and cucumbers for add-ons; and the lemon-herb tahini dressing. You’re welcome.

The workout: SoulCycle // Where to refuel: Shouk

SoulCycle: 601 Massachusetts Ave NW // Shouk: 655 K St NW

  • The skinny: After a workout at the Mount Vernon Triangle location of this ultra-popular local indoor cycling studio, you’ll definitely deserve to treat yo’self — and thanks to the nearby vegan spot Shouk, you’ll get tons of flavor and satisfaction without any feeling of deprivation.
  • What to order: The cauliflower-stuffed pita, the beet salad, the polenta fries and a cardamom chocolate-chip cookie for a little post-workout reward.

The workout: Orangetheory Fitness // Where to refuel: Beefsteak

Orangetheory Fitness: 4600 Wisconsin Ave NW // Beefsteak: 4531 Wisconsin Ave NW

  • The skinny: This fitness program with a cult-like following works with your target heart-rate to maximize calorie burn. Why not follow it up with a veggie bowl from José Andrés — a chef with an equally religious following? His team has turned even the most humble vegetables into an artform.
  • What to order: The Frida Kale salad loaded with kale, sweet potato and beans, among many other things, or the Beefsteak tomato burger, if you’re feeling extra decadent.