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Montaditos at Estadio (Courtesy of Estadio)

5 Toasts that beat Avocado Toast hands down

I dislike avocados. In fact, I hate avocados. There, I just went ahead and said it. So this avocado craze of the last few years is completely meaningless to me, especially avocado toast in its various forms and the fact that it's become ubiquitous!

For those of you that want to pay top $ for a slather of avocado on toast, by all means go for it. I would just like to remind you that there are other toasts that are far greater than that. I'd like to propose these different kinds of toasts instead.

Tail Up Goat

There’s an entire section on their menu dedicated to various house made breads in intriguing combinations, so you are really missing out if you haven’t tried them yet. Selections change regularly, but you can always find deliciousness such as the brown rice bread with corn, tomatoes, feta and a slight kick from chilies, which screams summer.


At their weekend brunch, the latest addition is a “Daily Toast” feature. This will change each week, and will be made with house made breads from Kyirisan’s pastry chef and and topped with seasonal ingredients. The first offering was an everything seasoned toast topped with soy glazed smoked salmon rillettes, pickled cucumber, fennel pollen, and most recently featured trendy cloud eggs, bacon hollandaise, Virginia cured ham and togarashi. Sign me up!


Way before avocado toast was even a thing, the Spanish focused Estadio was already winning with their “montaditos”, open faced sandwiches which range from the simple – grilled bread with tomato, olive oil, and salt ; to the elaborate – with foie gras mousse, smoked duck breast, and caramelized onion; and everything in between.


Two words: Uni Toast. You may not always find this on the menu at one of the best new restaurants in the country, but when you do, you need to jump on it. Buttered brioche with even more buttery-ness from uni and salmon eggs will literally melt in your mouth. If uni toast became the next big trend, I would not complain.

The Smith

Available on the breakfast menu, The Smith’s smoked salmon toast is a ciabatta topped with smoked salmon, lemon mascarpone, spring onion, crème fraiche and poached eggs. A hearty, interesting and yummy combination. Talk about a good way to start the day!