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6 above and beyond hot dogs you can chow down on in the District

Hot Dogs are an All-American classic, and sometimes you just want the basic ketchup and mustard kind. But when that seems a bit too ordinary, get acquainted with one of these loaded hot dogs.

The Feast Mode at Swizzler

DC's own gourmet, grass fed hot dog truck has turned the humble hot dog into pieces of art, with spiral cut dogs and toppings that are literally everything. The "Feast Mode" is just one of the creative combos here, a perfectly grilled hot dog covered in whipped herb goat cheese, caramelized onions, candied jalapenos, and a drizzle of black pepper honey. Don't miss getting a side of truffle fries to complete the meal. Keep track of their location via @swizzlerfoods on Twitter.

The Coney Dog at Ivy and Coney

The large "NO KETCHUP" warning on the menus at this dive bar tell you they are pretty serious about keeping things authentic with their Chicago and the Detroit style dogs. The Coney dog is a favorite, with house made Detroit style beef chili, mustard, and diced onions, served on a poppy seed roll. Wash it down with a cold beer.

The Chorizo at Meats and Foods

There are a number of tasty house made sausages at this Florida Avenue store with the half smoke being the most popular, but the chorizo sausage is another tasty hit. The sausage is juicy, plump, and spicy, and the slightly sweet and soft potato roll complements the heat well. Top it with onions, peppers, and pickled jalapenos or if you want a meat fest go for the chili and bacon additions, it all comes together nicely any which way.

The Haute Dog at Red Apron

You know the sausage is going to be great when in house meats is what they are known for. The Haute Dog in its most basic form comes with spicy mustard, ketchup and onions. Take it to the next level with the addition of house made whiz and bacon kraut., and don't look back.

Summer of sausages at Osteria Morini

Nothing says summer more than ballgames and sausage and this waterfront restaurant has various participating chefs offering a different specialty sausage each month on every day that there is a home game for the Nats. In July, expect to see a Five Spice Korean chicken dog by Rob Rubba of Hazel, August will bring a pastrami spiced kielbasa by Eric McKamey of DGS Delicatessen, and September will be a to be announced sausage from Justin Bittner of District Distilling Company. In addition, Osteria Morini's Chef Ben Pflaumer will be offering a mortadella hot dog with pistachio and slaw during every home game. Sign me up!

The Banh Mi Dog at Haute Dogs and Fries

This Alexandria spot has an insane variety of hot dog toppings such as a mango pineapple relish, potato sticks, and bleu cheese crumbles, but if you don't want to be responsible for creating your own combination of crazy toppings, go for the Banh Mi dog. The all beef frank (or substitute a chicken version) comes with all the essential toppings of the Vietnamese sandwich - jalapenos, cucumber, carrots, cilantro and a healthy dose of Sriracha mayo. Don't forget to get a side of fries with one of their many dipping sauces either.