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It comes in four flavors: Grand Marnier, chocolate, raspberry, and hazelnut.  (Image: Courtesy L'Auberge Chez Francois)

Hey, hey soufflé is on the rise and having a moment

A classic dessert is popping up – well, gently rising really – all over town: soufflé. Both sweet and savory preparations of the French delicacy are staging a comeback.

Here are eight spots where you can revel in their eggy elegance – just make sure you do it quickly, before they deflate.

The Hay-Adams

French traditionalism reigns here. Pastry chef Elenor Apolonio-Frantz’s spot-on soufflé is puffy and fluffy – a delightful sweet cloud. Plunge your spoon past the sugar dusted golden top and you’ll discover delicate pear flavors. Thanks to some pear brandy, there’s a pleasant kick to each bite.

L’Auberge Chez Francois

Soufflé has had a starring role on the menu since the original D.C. location opened in 1954. Guests are asked at the beginning of the meal if they’d like to finish with one of the timeless treats, which are available in four flavors: Grand Marnier, chocolate, raspberry, and hazelnut. Bonus: they’re all gluten-free.

Duck Duck Goose

This bittersweet chocolate soufflé is elegant in its simplicity – there are just six ingredients. That allows the chocolate to take center stage and really shine. It's the perfect indulgence for serious chocoholics.


Pastry chef Claudia Barrovecchio uses double fermented Brazilian chocolate to power the restaurant’s namesake soufflé. Speckled with edible gold, the decadent dessert arrives with blood orange passion fruit compote, Tahitian vanilla gelato, and crème anglaise.


Dark chocolate from Valrhona and cultured European-style butter are the base of this gluten-free soufflé. It comes with a scoop of housemade espresso gelato, which is plunked into the dessert. This allows the complementary flavors to meld, while the contrasting temperatures shine.

The Source

This soufflé is a triple chocolate threat. Made with Valrhona chocolate, it’s served with chocolate sorbet and chocolate sauce. Plus, whipped cream for good measure.

A Rake’s Progress

You can indulge with a savory or a sweet soufflé. Funky, earthy blue cheese soufflé is a complement to the epic bone-in ribeye presentation. Or you can finish out your meal with the “it’s PSL season” crêpe soufflé. The choice is yours – and there are no wrong choices.


A classic Grand Marnier soufflé is tarted up with Earl Grey gelato and bergamot coulis. #TrèsChic