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Te Quiero (Photo courtesy of Del Mar)

8 places to go for DC's most Instagrammable cocktails

DC is home to some pretty darn good (looking) cocktails.

The glassware a drink is served in can play a big part in the scent of the drink, how we feel when we hold it, and how aesthetically pleasing it is. Here’s a roundup of some of the most intricate looking, beautiful, delicious, and of course, Instagrammable drinks around town!

The Quack Quackerac at Bar Charley

Not only is this a great spot for a good quality steak that won’t break the bank, but I’m also a huge fan of their cocktails. There are many eye pleasing drinks, but the “Quack Quackerac” with bourbon, rye, rum, Burlesque bitters, and duck fat infused St.Germaine, is pretty darn adorable.

Margarita Al Pastor at Service Bar

If you’ve been to this super fun bar, you will know that the good folks here take a lot of pride in their presentation and make sure their glassware is as fun as the ambience. While there are many drinks here that are picture worthy, one of my favorites is the Margarita Al Pastor, served in earthenware tumbler. There is something just so basic and simple about it that makes it perfect for the Insta! I also love their tiki drinks, which come in a variety of glasses and embellishing garnishes, and the hot toddies served in the cutest tea cups. Oh, also the shareable punch served in a swan shaped bowl in their private room, The Snug. So I guess basically anything at Service Bar!

Kentucky Mai Tai at Bourbon Steak

Another spot that has some interesting and unique glassware all around, but this riff on the traditional Mai Tai is served in the cutest pineapple glass, that is oh so perfect for Instagram! And it packs a punch! Want something a little fancier? Check out the cognac pipe! This mini-bong looking glass has built in “straws” that help direct the stream of cognac over the tongue to enhance flavor and the ability to experience the complexity of the brandy. I don’t know about all that, but the glass looks pretty cool. If you want to look classy, don’t be a savage slurp on the straw, lift the glass and tilt so the drink flows into the pipe.

The “Papaya Salad from a Bangkok Night Market” At Dram and Grain

The folks at Dram and Grain, the subterranean bar that is part of Jack Rose are masters at their craft, making this a place for every cocktail lover. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with their papaya salad drink that is served in a coconut shell sitting on a gold pineapple stand. Oh, and there's fire.

The “Te Quiero” at Del Mar

Okay, everything about Del Mar is drop dead gorgeous, so it's no surprise that their cocktails are equally jaw dropping. The “Te Quiero”, a gin tonic infused with lemongrass, grapefruit, rosemary, and served with homemade tonic is presented in a porthole infuser and is just so pretty! Their sangria glassware is beautiful too, and the “Habla de Ti” gin tonic, served in a nautilus shell is another Insta-worthy presentation!

The Perfect Storm at The Salt Line

If you are a fan of Bloody Mary’s that are over the top, or just having cool looking drinks adorning your Instagram feed, then The Salt Line’s “Perfect Storm” is for you. This brunch cocktail is served with king crab, shrimp, a dressed oyster, pickles, olives, celery, and fresh dill, and comes with a side of some of the best waterfront tables in town.

Bizen Maboroshi Sake at Toki Underground

You are going to need a few friends to share this with, but get your crew together for the large format sake that comes with these fish cups, which look especially Instagrammable. Plus, you can’t go wrong with their ramen!

Bees Knees at Bresca

Why drink a cocktail in a plain old glass when you could be presented with a metal and glass bee instead? At the new hot spot on 14th Street, they take their honeycomb theme seriously. Get the Truffled Bees Knees cocktail, snap a photo, and instantly sweeten your Instagram feed.