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Best places to eat at our local airports

As we get into holiday season, many of us are going to be spending time at the airports. Now, we can’t really control long security lines, oversold flights, or inevitable flight delays. What we can help with you with however, is pointing you to the best food options at our local airports, hopefully making your travel less stressful and more enjoyable.

DCA - Washington Reagan National

Plenty of time

Reservoir by Robert Weidmaier is in Terminal A, and is your best bet for a good meal when there. The expansive menu features simple French cuisine and will transport you to a bistro before you board your flight! The best part is the iPads at each table that you can use to order food, keep track of flight status, and do some browsing as well to keep you entertained.

At Terminal C, Kapnos Taverna is a good spot to get your Mediterranean fix, part of local chef Mike Isabella’s growing empire! Get some small plates, an array of dips, and if you are in the mood, there are a variety of Greek wines and Mediterranean inspired cocktails.

Grab and Go

The trifecta of local fast casual favorites is in DCA! Taylor Gourmet has become a local stalwart for their Philadelphia style hoagies, and they make for a great grab and go option to take with you on your flight if short on time. Other options are the Cava Grill or &pizza (Terminal B/C) both of which are convenient, quick, and delicious.

IAD - Washington Dulles International

Plenty of time

For a sports bar experience, the Washington Redskins Burgundy and Gold Club in Terminal B is a great spot – TV’s everywhere, relaxing dining with all the snacks you could want. Fried pickles, fish tacos, sausage platters, and a good selection of drinks is a good way to kick off your travels.

If you’ve made it to the airport early and want a leisurely meal, Chef Geoff’s in Terminal C is a local favorite for burgers and other nicely made American standards. While there are other Chef Geoff's in the area, this is the first airport restaurant for the local chef. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In Concourse D, celebrity chef Michael Symon’s Bar Symon is another spot to get full before hopping on the plane. The menu here focuses on comfort food classics and a fantastic selection of burgers which don’t disappoint. The award winning “Fat Doug” burger with pastrami and coleslaw will leave you happy and full even for a longer flight, and is easily washed down with a local beer and a side of rosemary fries.

Head to Bistro Atelier for their French menu of sweet and savory crepes, sandwiches, and breakfast all day! Also in Concourse D, this French bistro by local restaurateur Hakal Ilhan (of Ottoman Taverna and Mirabelle fame) is a good spot to unwind and have a leisure French meal before continuing your journey.

Grab and Go

My favorite grab and go with a local flavor is &pizza. They have outposts in terminals B and C and are a quick option for a casual take away option if you are in a rush, but also have seating right there. If you are looking for a burger options instead, Five Guys at Terminal B and Be Right Burger at Terminal C are both local chains that have made to order burgers.

BWI - Baltimore Washington International

Plenty of time

If you come to a Baltimore airport, you got to eat crabs. Thankfully Obrycki, which is a Baltimore original, is still open at the airport after shuttering their other locations. Go for the crab cakes and the roasted oysters with crab, and you’ll be well on your way to a happy travel day.

If the idea of raw oysters before a flight is concerning, don’t let it be. The fresh oysters at R and R Seafood Bar (also by the Obrycki owners) will put you at ease. Wash those down with the house special cocktail – the Crabby Bloody Mary.

Grab and Go

Your best bet is a hot dog from local hot dog stand DC-3, which also serves up breakfast dogs. Otherwise, here’s not much else going on at BWI that’s super interesting, but a Chick Fil A opened over the summer!