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All true Washingtonians know that there's no point to waiting in line for Georgetown Cupcakes, when you can walk down the street and grab a GIANT cupcake from Baked & Wired without the line -- plus they have a mean cup of java! (Image: Courtesy Baked & Wired)

D.C. is the 6th best coffee city in America

With National Coffee Day just around the corner (it's Saturday, just in case you need to prepare) we have the perfect excuse to talk about one of our favorite things of all time. Java. Joe. Brew. Wakey Juice. Thing that DC Refined Runs On. COFFEE!

This delicious elixir of the gods has gone from a patriotic drink choice during the revolutionary war to a beverage consumed 2.2 billion times a day worldwide. It has become a social staple providing an excuse for dates, jaunts out of the office for coworkers and even national barista competitions perfecting the art of latte decorating. But not all coffee scenes are created equal.

To determine the best local coffee scenes in America, WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities across 14 key indicators of a strong coffee culture, ranging from prevalence of coffee shops per capita to the average price per pack of coffee. While our friends on the West Coast (Seattle, San Fran, Portland and L.A.) continue to dominate the U.S. coffee rankings, D.C. placed in the top 10 this year with an overall ranking of 6th best coffee city in America.

Top 10 Coffee Cities

  1. New York
  2. Seattle
  3. San Francisco
  4. Portland
  5. Los Angeles
  6. D.C.
  7. Chicago
  8. Miami
  9. Boston
  10. San Diego

How the D.C. Coffee Scene Stacks Up

  • 1st -- Average Ranking of Coffee Shops on The Daily Meal’s ‘50 Best Coffee Shops’ List
  • 6th -- Average Spending on Coffee per Household
  • 9th -- “Coffee Lovers” Meetups per Capita
  • 10th -- Coffee Shops with Free Wi-Fi per Capita
  • 11th-- Coffee Shops, Coffee Houses & Caf├ęs per Capita
  • 47th-- Coffee & Tea Manufacturers per Capita
  • 51st --Average Price per Pack of Coffee

See the full study, published in advance of the upcoming National Coffee Day on September 29, here, and click through our gallery to see a few f our favorite places to celebrate this caffeinated holiday!