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D.C.'s 'Rick and Morty' pop-up bar shuts down amid legal threats

No more getting riggity riggity wrecked, son.

According to Drink Company, the 'Rick and Morty' themed pop-up bar, Wubba Lubba Dub Pub, has been shut down following legal threats from Turner Broadcasting and Cartoon Network, which owns the hit show. Although Wubba Lubba Dub Pub was originally slated to open on August 9, the opening was pushed back by a week. On August 17, Drink Company announced that the pop-up bar was over before it really started.

Drink Company's statement on Facebook read, in part:

Wubba Lubba Dub PUB was designed by fans for fans, though we think everyone would have enjoyed it. It was a labor of love and included hand sewn Meeseeks from our CEO Angie’s mother; graffiti work by an incredible artist; a 25-foot Ruben cut out by our Special Projects Director, hockey-referee-turned-craftsman Matt Fox; and deep references to a show that has made us all laugh out loud and confront the deeper meaning behind the gags. In a word, we are fans geeking out.
Turner Broadcasting/Cartoon Network wasn’t willing to let us do that and demanded we shut down. We then reached an agreement, and thus delayed for a week, but they changed their minds, threatened us with exorbitant fees and then took everything off the table today and refused to talk any further. The whole time we were operating in good faith and willing to make concessions to bring this wonderful work of fan art to life.
Now we have to lay off our beloved employees and take a massive financial hit, all because Turner Broadcasting/Cartoon Network are unwilling to figure out a way to let a great fan tribute happen. We are so sorry to all the fans but we also have learned a valuable lesson: when it comes to free speech and fair use, Turner Broadcasting/Cartoon Network believes that should only be a joke on the show.
If you have something to say to Turner, see handles below:
Twitter/Instagram: @rickandmorty @turner @adultswim

According to a public Facebook post from Drink Company president Derek Brown, he was "heartbroken" over Wubba Lubba Dub Pub. "We weren’t just making a buck off someone else’s work. We were willing to donate 100% of the profits to charity if their objection was that we profit off of it," he wrote. "But Turner shut down all communications and hired the big guns. We tried to work with them up until the very last minute, when they wanted to send out federal marshals to shut us down. All of this and we are really just sorry for our staff, the fans and the people who are going to show up to a closed door." Brown also thanked patrons for their support.

In past years, Pop-Up Bar has themed their decor and drinks around shows like 'Stranger Things' and 'Game of Thrones'.