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Stratford Chefs busily complete icing of the Guinness World Records record-breaking cake. (Image: Courtesy Stratford University)

Did you know Stratford University holds a Guiness World Record?

How to Bake an 8,000-pound cake

  • 900 lbs. of flour
  • 900 lbs. of butter
  • 900 lbs. of sugar
  • 900 lbs. of eggs (approximately 8,600 eggs)
  • 9 lbs. of baking power
  • 300 lbs. home-made raspberry jam
  • 300+ lbs. buttercream frosting
  • unlimited determination
  • unwavering commitment
  • untiring enthusiasm

They baked…they built… they conquered. On Friday, November 11, 2016, the Culinary Master Chefs, internationally renowned chef instructors, culinary students and staff of Stratford University not only broke the current Guinness record for World’s Tallest Pyramid cake—they shattered it! Seeking to topple the current world record of 6’5” set in India with a cake 7 feet tall, Stratford was triumphant with a cake that ultimately measured 9’2” as certified by an onsite Guinness World Records judge.

After judging was completed and the new world record holder was announced, Stratford chefs and volunteers began to dismantle the cake and sell slices and sheets of cake to the public, with all proceeds benefiting the Fisher House Foundation locations at Ft. Belvoir, VA, and Richmond, VA. As required by Guinness, all remaining unsold cake was then donated to local fire and rescue locations, police stations, and area food banks, leaving no cake wasted.

The master chefs who masterminded the masterpiece

Stratford’s world record breaking attempt was planned and coordinated by Certified Master Chef Raimund Hofmeister, Director of Stratford’s Hospitality & Culinary Arts School, and Certified Master Pastry Chef Jan Bandula. “You have to argue all the facts at least three or four times before you think you’re really on the right track,” notes Chef Hofmeister. The cake, which could have no internal supporting structure, was constructed onsite at Potomac Mills Mall. A custom-built structure commissioned by Chef Hofmeister was used to contain the cake as it was being built from bottom up, and then removed as the cake was iced from top down.

The secret ingredient to success

In the end, the Stratford team acknowledged that the Stratford approach to real-world problem solving through creative and critical thinking played a huge role in this record-breaking success. “Attempting to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title was an incredible undertaking for me and for Stratford,” said Hofmeister, who once served as the L.A.-based chef for President Ronald Reagan. “We were so very excited about the process, and our cake shows the world that we are capable of doing great things here at Stratford.”

Stratford proud

As Director of Stratford’s School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts since September of 2016, Chef Hofmeister is already working to expand Stratford’s program to include student exchange opportunities abroad, launching a series of Food Enthusiast workshops for anyone interested in boosting their culinary talents, and expanding fine dining opportunities to the public at its several area campuses. Chef Hofmeister can also be seen preparing selected dishes every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. on News Channel 8’s Let’s Talk Live.

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