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If you've never heard of From the Farmer, they describe themselves as an online food delivery company located in the Washington, D.C. area with a mission to make good food more convenient. (From the Farmer)

Goodbye produce section, hello From the Farmer!

I would run out of fingers and toes if I tried to count the times I've walked into the grocery store, grabbed a box of Lucky Charms and decided that would be my dinner for the night and maybe breakfast the next morning. Sometimes grabbing that box of cereal is so much easier than wandering through the produce and meat aisle wondering what to make for dinner.

Now, this was acceptable when I was in college and could eat whatever I wanted with absolutely no impact on my body but not anymore -- I am a grown up (kinda sorta).

One day I was driving into D.C. for a work project when I saw a white van with a label on it that said, "From the Farmer" and something about seasonal produce delivered right to your door -- it was like a sign from the health gods! They were telling me to throw out that box of Lucky Charms and let the team at From the Farmer do the hard grocery shopping for me!

If you've never heard of From the Farmer, they describe themselves as an online food delivery company located in the Washington, D.C. area with a mission to make good food more convenient. The company was founded in 2011 by Jason Lundberg and Nick Phelps, who both saw an opportunity to focus on local vendors who grew and created great produce.

So obviously I took the sign from the health gods and Googled "From the Farmer." I checked out their website and knew it would be perfect for my lifestyle. I signed up for their Small Farm Box subscription ($29) which comes with six to seven seasonal fruits and vegetables and then I anxiously awaited delivery day!

Before I submitted my order, I searched around on the website. Yes, the company offers subscriptions with fruits and vegetables but they also offer a plethora of other items! I checked out the Butcher Shop, the Produce, Dairy and Bakery section, as well as the Pantry, which is home to some yummy looking snacks, beverages, and even treats for your four-legged friends. Being that this was my first order, I stuck with just my Small Farm Box before I got in over my head with millions of groceries being delivered to my door.

Deliveries typically come on Wednesday before 7 a.m. (perfect -- because you don't want your food sitting out all day while you are at work) but since I ordered on a holiday week, my delivery came on Thursday morning in a nice insulated bag. My box came with three Gold Rush Apples, one clamshell spring mix, one pound of white potatoes, one pint of miniature Beefsteak Tomatoes, 12 ounces of green beans, two Moro Blood Oranges, one pound of Rainbow Carrots, and one pound of sweet yellow onions. This might seem like a lot of produce for one person, but it was just the right amount. I roasted my carrots, onions, and potatoes, and I sauteed my green beans in some teriyaki sauce to have with my dinners throughout the week. I put my apples in my smoothies, used the tomatoes for omelets and salads and before I knew it my entire box was almost gone.

Any week you don't want your subscription box, you can skip it. If you still want a delivery, you then have the option to choose any items you want from the website like specialty produce, meat, eggs, or dairy. From the Farmer will deliver it right to your door on your delivery day just as they would with your subscription box. If a subscription seems like too much commitment, customers also have the option to order on an as-needed basis from the store, just when it's convenient.

If you aren't great with cooking and need some help, on the Saturday before your delivery, From the Farmer sends you a "What's Fresh" email that includes everything you will receive in your box with a list of the producers, as well as inspiration recipes -- my favorite part.

If you have been considering joining a food delivery service (there are a ton out there), I would highly recommend From the Farmer for someone who is trying to focus on eating real foods and learning how to cook those foods. It can be overwhelming to receive all that produce at one time, but when you learn how to use it and find recipes, you start to look forward to Wednesday mornings!

From the Farmer delivers as far south as Manassas, all the way up to Baltimore, and everywhere in between.