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Cafe Milano received close to 300 new one-star Yelp reviews after Chef José Andrés claimed the restaurant denied him entry to a private event. (Image: Mitch Jacob)<p></p>

José Andrés takes on Cafe Milano and Ivanka Trump on Twitter

It was the selfie seen around the world, the Tweet that broke the internet, and the party entrance denial that rallied the troops for battle. Ok, we're being a bit facetious, but a Tweet sent by Chef José Andrés claiming that he was denied entry to the 105th Alfalfa Club dinner's private after-party at Cafe Milano was the talk of Twitter this weekend. Andrés was an invited guest at the dinner, but according to The Washington Post's Reliable Source column, he may not have received an official invite to the after party.

The tweet, sent on the evening of Saturday, January 27 now has more than 12,000 retweets, 28,000 likes and 2,000 replies, most proclaiming their support for the chef. On Sunday morning, Chef Andrés updated Twitter stating that Ivanka Trump had reached out to him personally to address the situation and that he believed she "personally had nothing to do."

He also thanked Cafe Milano for their apology, as the restaurant took to Twitter to address the situation Sunday afternoon, claiming that the guest lists for the dinner party and the after party were separate lists, and that Ivanka Trump had no influence over either guest list.

Both parties seemed to end the afternoon on better terms though the court of public opinion was not as forgiving.

At the time of publication, Cafe Milano's Yelp rating was down to two stars, after receiving about 300 new one-star Yelp reviews, according to Washington City Paper.