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Broken Tart, a cooler-than-cool cakery, creates towering treats coronated with dollops of meringue and real flowers. (Image: Courtesy Broken Tart)

Meet the new D.C. cake maker who slays on Instagram

Have a sweet tooth and love eye candy? You need to be following Broken Tart on Instagram!

The cooler-than-cool cakery creates towering treats coronated with dollops of meringue and real flowers. Often there are sweet sauces – like wine caramel (which we didn’t know was a thing, but now we’re obsessed with it) – dripping down their sides. “They’re very aesthetic,” says baker Kristina Mack, a recent transplant to the District, “but I’m very concerned with the textures in the cake. There’s always something crunchy, a frosting and something gooey.”

Every season, she offers up half a dozen or so options, which are available to order through her website. Right now, there’s brown sugar cake with rhubarb and strawberry buttercream; olive oil cake featuring a lemon glaze and mascarpone buttercream; and butter cake packed with cheesecake filling and honey buttercream. “We’re not really a mix and match bakery where we have nine different cake flavors and all these fillings so you just pick and choose what you want,” says Mack. “I always explain to people that what we’re doing is a little different than your standard bakery.”

The San Francisco Baking Institute grad began the business six years ago while living in Chicago and working as a pastry chef for Hogsalt Hospitality, including stints at their restaurants Gilt Bar and Cocello. However, it really took off when she moved to New York City. “Instagram made my business,” she says. “After one post about my cakes from a local social media personality, I had insane orders every week.”

As she looks to break into the D.C. market, Mack continues to stay on top of her Instagram game. “I’m very image focused,” she says. “I try to keep my feed white and bright. I always want it to pop.”