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If you’re craving New England-style food you no longer have to trek up north -- The Salt Line opened on June 1 near Navy Yard. (Image: Rodney Choice/Choice Photography/

Open & Shut: The recent rumblings of restaurant openings and closings


The Salt Line: If you’re craving New England-style food you no longer have to trek up north to get some clam “chowdah,” New England-style lobster rolls, deep fried seafood dishes and Jonah style crab claws. The Salt Line, a New England-style restaurant opened on June 1 near Navy Yard. Located on the waterfront at Dock 79, you can enjoy a view of the Anacostia River at their 100-seat patio bar, while enjoying all your seafood favorites.

79 Potomac Ave SE, Washington, DC

Hogo: Make D.C. your own kind of paradise this summer and stop by Hogo, an island-themed cocktail bar, located in Shaw. This pop-up bar was last seen in late 2014 and is back for at least this summer, but perhaps longer.

1017 7th St NW, Washington, DC

Anxo Cidery & Tasting Room: ANXO Cidery & Pinxtos Bar opened a new Tasting Room in Brightwood Park on May 27. According to Eater DC, in addition to cider production this location has a 30-seat tasting room as well as its own bar serving 24 ciders on draft and a small Basque-inspired menu. This is only D.C's second licensed winery since Prohibition.

711 Kennedy St NW, Washington DC

Capo Deli: Located in the heart of Shaw, this traditional Italian Pub Shop , imported from Florida, opened in early June, seeking to attract the hoagie enthusiasts of D.C. The shop also sells a variety of meats, cheeses and Italian kitchen dishes.

715A Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC

Franklin Hall: This highly-anticipated beer bar opened Friday in the Manhattan Laundry Building. In addition to serving endless amounts of beer, they have a menu full of delicious snack options as well as a number of unique sausage plates to choose from.

1348 Florida Ave NW, Washington DC


Ray's Hell Burger: According to the Washington Business Journal, the burger joint shut down its Rosslyn location abruptly last month and is now asking bankruptcy court to void its lease at the 1650 Wilson Blvd location.The other two locations remain open.

Upper Crust: The Boston-based pizza restaurant abruptly closed its U Street location at the end of May. But don’t worry Upper Crust Pizza fans, according to COO RJ Dourney via an Eater report, the Arlington location is doing well, so just make a U-turn on U street and head on over to Arlington!

Mourayo: After 13 years of business Mourayo has shut its doors. However, don’t start booking your tickets to Greece just yet as the restaurant’s owners are interested in featuring their most popular dishes at sibling establishment La Tomate. Phew!

Ripple: This one cuts us to the core, but I guess all good things must come to an end. The critically acclaimed Cleveland Park restaurant has announced they are closing later this month, due to “the reality of a slowing business.” Their last dinner will be served on June 24. Thank goodness chef Ryan Ratino will be sticking around D.C. though, as we can't wait to see where he lands!