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Three D.C. chefs have been named finalists for People Magazine's "Sexiest Chefs Alive" feature. (Images L to R: Courtesy Eric Adjepong, Farrah Skeiky/Dim Sum Media and Scott Suchman)

People Magazine's 2018 'Sexiest Chef Alive' features 3 D.C. finalists

Get ready for a lot of "heating up the kitchen" jokes my friends, because according to People Magazine, D.C. chefs are HOT, HOT, HOT! In an effort to push the sexy boundaries beyond Hollywood, the magazine has added a sub-feature to their popular "Sexiest Man Alive" issue and named 10 finalists as the "Sexiest Chefs Alive."

This year, D.C. has not one, but THREE familiar names on the list: Johnny Spero, who just opened Reverie in Georgetown (and became a dad!), Eric Adjepong of the mobile dinner party service Pinch & Plate and Kevin Tien of Himitsu and the soon-to-be Emilie's.

There’s something inherently sexy about a man who can cook, and these 10 culinary hotshots are living proof. These chefs have it all: good looks, accolades, hearts of gold, and, of course, serious skills in the kitchen.

Sexiest Chef Alive 2018 Top 10 Finalists

  1. Edouardo Jordan, Seattle
  2. Johnny Spero, D.C.
  3. Jordan Andino, New York City
  4. Eric Adjepong, D.C.
  5. Deuki Hong, San Francisco
  6. Andrew Isabella, Atlanta
  7. Louis Maldonado, San Francisco
  8. Kevin Tien, D.C.
  9. Thiago Silva, New York City
  10. Ryan Durant, Connecticut

Despite past criticism, People's list does not include any female chefs, though the listicle is part of the magazine's Sexiest Man Alive package, and there is not currently a female equivalent of this chef's list in People's Most Beautiful issue.

"I am looking forward to the magazine expanding [this] recognition to include people who identify themselves other than men," said Tien. "However, since women are already subjected to sexual objectification on a daily basis, I think it would be better to see an acknowledgment of accomplishments rather than a list based off of looks."

While it's not the first time a D.C. chef has been recognized, D.C.'s Bryan Voltaggio was on the 2016 list, it is the largest representation D.C. has seen.

"The folks at People Magazine really took the time to highlight chefs from different cultural and culinary backgrounds, which goes to show how important (and sexy) being a chef can be," said Adjepong.

Alas, ladies and gentlemen, our handsome D.C. chefs are all taken so rather than harp on their hots, lets get back to talking about their skills, shall we?

"I would have never expected to be on a list of for People’s Sexiest Chef," said Tien. "It is very flattering, but it doesn't change my day-to-day with how I work and present myself. If anything, it gives me a platform to let my voice be heard to represent those who need it.

The winner will be announced on November 1 during Food Network’s special PEOPLE Magazine: Sexiest Chef Alive.