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Honey Pig (Courtesy of Honey Pig)

The top 5 Korean restaurants in the DMV

From feasts of Korean barbecue, to bulgogi, and Korean fried chicken, here are the top five spots for finding great Korean food in and around D.C.


Mandu is definitely one of the best bets for Korean food within the city. Their pan fried mandu are addictive, and their selection of entrees includes a fantastic dolsot bibimbap. For a cold night or when you need some comforting, the spicy kimchi soup with pork and tofu (kimchi jigae) is what you need. Bonus- make sure to hit up the late night happy hour at their K street location to get your Korean snack fix.


Korean fried chicken wings are the highlight at this Bloomingdale takeout spot. The hot honey spicy version is what I lean towards, a perfect mix of sweet and spicy, but the soy garlic and honey spicy are equally tasty. They have offer a good bulgogi bap and bibimbap that you should definitely be on your must try list.

Lighthouse Tofu

This is a no frills spot in Annandale specializing in "soondubu" - soft tofu soup served piping hot in a spiciness level of choice. Customize your soup with seafood, meat or vegetarian options, and snack on the assortment of banchan before attacking the soup.

Honey Pig

You can't talk about Korean food in the DC area without the mention of Honey Pig, which is really one of the quintessential DC area Korean barbecue spots with a loyal fan base. Grab a bunch of friends, grill marinated bulgogi and galbi tableside, and don't forget to get their crispy seafood pancake. Best part - they are open 24 hours. Yes, get your Korean food fix at any time of day!


Another 24 hour spot in Annandale, Kogiya's all you can eat menus are a great way to eat and drink sumptuously. Pick your selection of meats for a feast that includes soup, rice, and banchan and that will have you satisfied and stuffed.